The Seven principles of the Huny philosophy

Seven Principles of Huna

Very, very long ago in the Pacific Islands residential many men and women who have looked at the world. They Watched the structures of nature, the preservation of animals, plants and humans. On the basis of their observations, they determined the meaning of life and its course. This Knowledge gave the name of the Huna, Ka Huna, which means secrets, the inner hidden know.

These Teachings were compiled as seven principles. Already these seven ideas I would now come closer. People using this knowledge were called Kupua. With equal success today, it would be called the shamers. In a very special way they treated the world.

The First of these rules in Hawaiian is: IKE, which in Polish means-the world is the way you pour it (for what you think it). Our life is sleeping, our sleep. The Bedtime that we share with other people, from the Earth, but also with the same. It Does not mean anything other than the fact, and with this dream, our experiences, the experience, that reality as usual, the way we speak, the torch of our interior; Of our thoughts, ideology, beliefs, fears and our own, our destiny and our pleases. This Means that the sum of our thoughts creates our daily life. At night, the day is created, with thought-reality. If we wanted to change this philosophical reality, then we have to change ourselves. The willingness to change only the external world would be a waste of time and energy. If we really want to change the world of external, then in the first order should be delve in itself and there to look for a place that creates an external world, then change it. We need to change our imagination; Fear and anger to be overimaged in love; To the images of the abundance. So the IKE presents itself; We work in our interior to shape the external world. This principle is the most important, but all the remaining, which we will now talk about it.

The Next rule is KALA. KALA says that there are no boundaries, and that we are all with each other. Each of them: spirit in human beings, Earth, plants and animals, heaven and ocean. Everything is related. Besides, KALA says that separation is an illusion. That's why we use the thought to shape the reality, sometimes we create a kind of isolation. With the thought of separation arises illness. If the consciousness separates from the body, if the two elements we treat as two separate things, then the medical condition will arise. If our body, and so we ourselves, is odciete from other people, and if this condition of separation persists in us, then our relations and our bodies will be sick. If we feel isolated from the Earth, if we receive as something lezego outside of us, then we bring to separation, so that we and the Earth will be sick. KALA also says, and below this sense of separation is a true unity. Only when we release ourselves from the imagination and the feelings, works, thoughts and ways of preserving the meaning of the izalacje, then this one will come to the voice and the connection is again created. We will be healthy and become one with the very same and the laws and attitudes of us. This Is a kind of reforming contact, some release. In Hawaii, there are certain gestures that signified as much as: unwashed. He says: Relax in August; Because if you will be spiety, sheared and beheaded, then from this state the isolation is created. If you break up and let the things Plynac, then you will be healthier, you will have a better attitude to the open world. This happens something very interesting. The One who is detached and plynly from the river of the world, this one can easily change it. KALA does not mean, and and eternally, we must have the things that are, without the possibility of changing them. Much more so this means: the one who feels more detached from the elements of the world, this can be more easily changed. The KALA says So.

The Third mouse that has discovered you are madrzy people, called MAKIA: that is, energy flows where we concentrate our attention. Whenever energy and attention flows, then events arise. No Matter where your attention is, eg. On some object or mouse, the flow of energy persists. Other words: Everything comes back to you according to your thoughts. And This again means: if you think positively about your environment, then the positive energy returns to you. However, If you send negative thoughts about your environment, then negative energy returns to you. The negative consequences are implication to your life. If you send exaggeration and consistently keep them, instead of only occasionally, at the moment, at the opportunity, then also exaggeration and excess flow into your life. If you still think about the happy and the joy, then to the same extent, and joy will be held to your life. Once you concentrate on the Starchu and Zlosci, then in your life you will come across the same. If you are focused on violence, irritations and illness, then violence, irritation and illness will be absorbed into your life. Huna says, and each of us has the ability and wonderful gift of self-resolution on what should focus our thoughts, energy and attention. Depending on the change, it will get back to your life. All the different methods of this knowledge show, from the first principle, how they should look for changes in the interior, which bring about changes in the outer world.

The Fourth rule is MANAWA. MANAWA says, and now is the moment of the sily, now is the moment of action. Here and now. The Sila is not in the past and not in the future. The Past has no control over Toba. Rather, you Are those who exactly at the moment has the power to change their way of thinking. Thanks to this, the past and the past will not stop you. You have to go ahead. With The ballast of the past you will not move in your life forward. It is Best to move forward, if you will think about yourself and the past in stages. These are exactly the mysii, which at every moment is creating your reality. If There is beauty in your life, then the beauty is creating it now. This Idea tells you that this beauty is creating thanks to it, and at this point you experience it, admire it and acknowledge it. If you do not acknowledge it, if you lose a sense of beauty, then the inch of the earth will lose its beauty. As We know, this happens in some places on Earth. However, if you create more joy from the moment and you consider me, then the more you strengthen and enrich me. It's Not so who you were, but who you're. It depends on what you have at every moment. The same future does not lie just before you and do not wait until NATKNISSZ August on the NIA. No, the future is still creative and corresponds to the Myslom, which now sow. Sometimes we have weeds from the past. But now we will tear them up and planted new seeds, create a new future. This is what this knowledge says. In The course of time, new seeds will be planted and if the crop of this sowing is not we liked, then we always have to pull it and planted new seeds. At Every moment we have this power in ourselves. This strength is also found in everything else. At every moment.

One of the nacudowiest ideas is hidden behind the word, which already heard: ALOHA. ALOHA generally means: Good day and goodbye. Ca true, this word is also in this sense. But We are also talking about ALOHA as a spiritual attitude. Then It means and specifies the friendly. But that means something more. More anesthesia Friendly, good day and to know. ALOHA means a simple and uncomplicated way of love. The True meaning of this overstrenuous word is love. However, deep in its roots is important: be happy. Be happy… From Somems or Kims. This is the proper discovery, the most beautiful mystery that has odslonili these people. Love means to be happy with… A Melting, in which you are happy with yourself, from people and the environment, in such a Way you love. Then the love can radiate and Plynac. However, the degree to which you criticize, in what dissatisfied you are from your life, in such a way oslabiasz or depletion of love. Love has nothing to do with pain. Love has nothing to do with being wroned or harbored by others. The Love of the jsst is happiness, joy, friendship and pleasure in every regard. Because: Love means to be happy with…

The Sixth rule is MANA. MANA is often mistaked for the word and the pure energy. However, MANA means strength, divine strength, creative strength. The Creature (concept) of MANA is the fact that there is a source of strength that flows through all of us. Not only by us, human beings, but also through the Lands, through every stone, tree, Chmure. MANA is an internal force giving creativity to everything that exists. Creativity that corresponds to a particular thing or essence. MANA is the strength of the waves and the ocean of the coastal waters. MANA is the strength of the wind that carries clouds, birds and blows over the counter. MANA is a force allowing the stone to be hard, strong and durable. MANA is the force that allows the human being to be creative in the proper way. MANA is a force in every of us, in all things in the Universe. The Most Important thing that occurs at this ideology is further Siegajaca MYSL, and with an inch of power and strength comes from the interior. This is essential. There is no force beyond us to Have power over us. The strength of your existence comes from all that penetrates the source. Whenever we plant, and something else has the strength, all the same whether it is nature or other man, a ghost, no matter what it would be, what do we think, and I would have power over us, then we depletion of our own strength. We are Oslabiamy, we tlumimy and in a special way we go as if in reality they did not have that power at all. MANA is so creative strength and not MOCA on something. It Is the inner strength that exists in all things, in every human being, making it the fullest extent of who or what it is. In The greater extent we add to us this strength, the more we will feel, use it and ask her, the faster the strength to climb to the highest peak of power and Potegi.

THE Seventh rule Is called PONO. PONO says, and effectiveness is a measure of truth (Reality). There are many ways to make certain things. We Never really are firmly seated. There is only one way to do something; There is only one truth, one method, one cure, one way of treatment, one way to be honest, one man with whom we are to be sincere. There are many ways (roads) to achieve our goals, to be happy, to use life, to fill it. PONO says that there is always another route leading to the goal. PONO says that the plan (kancept, outline, sketch) is not holy. The Intention can be holy. The Way you go to reach what you want is not holy. If you want to achieve a specific goal, then you have to choose the appropriate (suitable) measure. Violence only generates more violence, until one day people will be disenchanted and use peaceful means (methods) to make peace again. If, however, you start with peace in your heart, with a love for peace, then you will come closer in your life to peace.

This Knowledge is a practical way of life with the same and other people.

These Were the principles of knowledge on the basis of which they had a kupua. This Knowledge is called Ka Huna; Knowledge derived from these and similar islands in the Pacific; Knowledge to be transmitted. If I wanted to give it to others, if I wanted to use it, then look for the appropriate land and use it in your life.


Kahili King Serge

On the basis of SERGEI KAHILI KING's materials, he developed and translation: Marius Cecula

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