Self-Purification by Love

Life consists of moments, moments create long sequences, such as minutes, hours of bottoms. We are based on this cycle, we are implanted, in his perception, in his observance. After a day, full of activity occurs night, which gives us a rest. In principle, when you sleep, we are not sure of the extent to which we awaken your conscious self, and yet so far we are awakened in this physical.
Love emits all relationships, and above all with itself, but also with the world, human beings and the invisible but predictable intuitively universe.
Everything is Life-round in the unadulted periodical harmony. Everything is full of simplicity in his pronunciation of the metfotry of life, rebirth, beauty, reverence for the world.

A Friend replied to me sometime on thrown her compliment about the penetrating eyes, that so basically, she did not identify herself with her body, not so obviously totally, but she said that thinking about herself I didn't think about her nose with her legs, etc. He Thinks of his self-perception.
Full continuity of self-perception-full on the principle of combining all spheres: spiritual, conscious and subconscious. What does it mean to have a full sense of feeling.
Exactly the same thing we hear by reading this sentence. It is about proper filtration of information that is suitable for individual spheres (targets) and to bring
Self-aligning automaticity of these spheres, even simpler-the interaction of these spheres, that is, their mutual agreement and willingness to cooperate with each other.
Someone would think that, as it is-why these complicated thinking and analyzing a mechanism that basically should work spontaneously. Of course
It works just as always, or at least it is adjusted to be such an automatic transmission. We are Talking about the subconscious. Only depends on you,
Whether you want to drive backwards or forwards or continue on a sterile run. Fortunately, this gearbox lives… And all the time gives You the signs in which direction you follow-maybe someone else has turned your reverse gear-only to mirror (mirrors?) how much You have been to the disaster. Well, unless you're driving forward,….. And if so, a wide path to heaven… On Earth and in heaven. So Love,… And do what you want-love Yourself (show it), love others (respect them), love the world (use it wisely), love your work (do what you love to do-do not take another place in their assigned work)

Enjoy and share the joy…… And live with each breath-realize it in every moment.




Self-Cleaning by Love-Bogdan

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