Psychotronika in Practice 1-study by Evelyn Monahan

I find a variety of interesting facts and OT, found itself, as usual, another one. At The beginning I had a desire to write more at the outset. I was going to write something from each other about the power that each of us possesses. But Why? Everyone measures the world according to their needs and experiences. Really A pile of people have written many, many wise books, whose content should stall us with its greatness. Below you have one of these texts. For a bigger "fun" look at the books of Louise L. Hay and Joseph Murphy (at the moment only the two to the head came to me). Also Recall the Buddhist parable of the place where the gods hid the power before the man (he is in the citations). And finally, read again the 7 rules of the Huny. I'll just Add that the Bible is filled to the brim with the hunged writing. Ot even though: "If two of you on Earth are asking for something, they will all be used by my Father who is in Heaven" (Matthew 18.19). And This is a quote on the interaction of lower and middle me what would be higher worked:-) And How to call the things described here? Is it prayer, visualization, meditation, thirst or maybe some other charms of throwing? Is it important? It Is a tool that enables us to conscionate the creation of our own life. It'S like driving a car. You Can drive by car without being a mechanic. But you need to know what the pedals are and it's a big circle in front.

Another thing is the words you use. Do they have to be formulants passed by others? (and Fuj, but it would be monotony if everyone was just as talked…). And does the higher will listen to us only when we use the Popowienich words? Probably adequate must be, but feelings, what we have inside. No matter what words will be behind it. Words mean different things for different people. He Beautifully put this matter to Joseph Murphy-"There are so many prayers, how many people."

I will Add to the conclusion of the "miracle" firsthand, which is a native of those described later in this article and in the authors ' books mentioned above. The Story told me a friend. His friend's Sister was with her boyfriend in the Balkans during the last wars. They Avoided dangerous trails in order not to stumble upon the patrols filled with hostility of people in uniforms. But It happened what was so afraid and stumbled upon a group of armed people. The Girl saw 4 soldiers, and one of them was incredibly similar to her deceased brother. These People behaved very aggressively. They Told her to strip her boyfriend naked and took his all things. When They were going to get behind the girl, a man like her brother said something to the rest of the three in their tongue and went away without doing more difficulty. After returning home they told their experiences of a mother who had said that it had become so because she prayed daily to God for care for them. However, the most amazing is that the girl has seen 4 men, and boyfriend 3 and claimed that there was no one among them anyone similar to her brother.

I leave the Applications. If One of You treats these tips or examples of "miracles" for cartoons, sucked out of the finger tales, then his case, he has the right to judge so. But is it difficult for a month, three times a day to sit for 5 to 15 minutes and smile in the soul, thinking only of what he desires with the whole heart?

Tomasz Bartosiewicz


Evelyn M. Monahan suffered a tragic accident at the age of 22, as a result of which she was severely mutilated: she lost her eyes, got epilepsy, and after four years he joined the right arm paralysis. Epileptic Seizures were particularly common (12-14 daily). The Equine daily doses were reduced to 10. Evelyn felt very unhappy, she could not be reconcsted with her heavy disability, and for a long nine years she torted herself and the environment, and sacked rebellion and anger. Until It came to sedation, and perhaps nervous exhausting. She began to think about salvation for herself. And then she remembered a lot of interesting, strange stories still in childhood. In memory, there were cases of sudden healings of people who did not give the least chance of recovery to doctors. It Began to recall the rules of the so-called. Psychotronic treatment, which was then said to have been the source of all these miraculous healings. She Decided to try…

She initiated two friends and in three began using exercises, set in points by Evelyn himself. They Practiced three times a day with great accuracy and enthusiasm. It Was the last rescue board. After 10 days, E. Monahan reged sight. It Happened suddenly, Raptownie. At the Same time, the eye recovery stopped completely epileptic seizures, and in the week later gave way to paralysis. The Young woman was completely healthy. Medical Examinations showed no evidence of any disease. It Was Filled with happiness of returning to health, to normal life and a vast unrepressed desire to familiarize with this method as many sufferers as possible.

Evelyn had completed an annual study of experimental psychology at the University of Georgia, in Atlanta. She Decided to return to education in order to have constant contacts with people and to be able to give them his knowledge and experience in the field of psychotronic treatment. Her lectures on this university Were Blurred. The Fact that lectures from such an object never existed at any American university did not fright her at all. She made her call to the Secretariat, and she had her name and telephone number, and she was not deterred by the conventional assurance that if someone at the university would be interested in the problem, they would be contacted, Quietly waited, practicing, systematically his "wonderful" technique. It came out from the assumption that, since the power of "his higher Self", his Superconsciousness, was able to cure his own heavy disability, there is no obstacle to the solution with the same power of any other life situation. Jakoż after a month the director of Special Studies at the university there offered her lectures from parapsychology. He Willingly accepted the offer and became an instructor of parapsychology. Her lectures listened on average to 250 students in each semester.

Evelyn was pleased, but she wanted even more contact with people. She Dreamed about television, radio and press. In This intention, she continued to cultivated a psychotronic technique with immense enthusiasm. She Believed in her endless possibilities, she was sure that the obstacles would disappear, standing in the way of her ambitious plans. After a month, she asked her "Atlanta Journal" with a suggestion to write a reportage about her lectures. The Next week brought contact with the TV. It Was Proposed to participate in the "Georgia Today" programme, received by millions of spectators-supporters. The Reaction to the problem raised by E. Monahan was so great that after three weeks it was asked to reoccur on television. At that time she also had talks on radio, and her articles were applied to magazines such as "National Inquire", "Midnight" and "Time Magazin". E. M. Monahan's Books were published in Japan, England, GERMANY, Mexico and Italy. And so dreams come true.

In his book, whose original title reads "The Miracle of Metaphysical Healing" author in personal contact with the reader, without the rest, without reservation gives him all his knowledge, his experience, wishes to pour into him his own enthusiasm, Delight, your recovered joy of life and the happiness of helping others.

Psychotronic Therapy, this technique of an ellipsis checked, called by Evelyn ' "reliable", "wonderful" is incredibly simple, but the author repeatedly warns that not to disregard it, not to reject just because it is so very accessible to Each. And Indeed, Psychotronic treatment is not associated with any expenditure, does not require any props, no special education, only good will is required, perseverance, calm.

So what is The case?

Man is the essence of a wonderful, powerful by the limitless Laton forces with which he already comes into the world. Thanks to this power it is able to remove from his life illness, disability, change the unpleasant situations of life, etc., because by the nature of things he belongs to happiness, joy and excellent health.

For The disaster, man is unaware of his wonderful equipment in a mighty divine power. They Suffer, get sick, tire, complain, seek desperately to rescue, and guess that he himself possesses the power of healing. He Is like a king who has forgotten that he is king, that he has a royal mantle on his shoulders and a golden crown on his head, he considered to be a beak, so in the dust of the road sits and begging in passers-by for support. This consciousness of our own power, its own unlimited possibilities, is called Evelyn M. "Our higher Self", and the power of fulfilling wishes, satisfying the needs, changing even the unfavorable circumstances of life-a superconscious. The conscious Mind determines the author's awareness of the realities surrounding us. This conscious mind captures all our insights, sensations, events, he manages memory, he draws conclusions, plans etc. , and so on. He finally undergoes illness, suffering, joy, happiness, fear, despair, and so On. The conscious Mind is limited in its abilities, he too is "blind" – as Monahan expresses – on the existence of our "higher Self".

Well, to effectively use the technique of psychotronic action, you need to refer to its powerful "higher Self" and its own superconscious and… Request. Do not beg, pleadate and beg, and quietly, definitely command. In his instructions Evelyn M. Never gives the word "please" or "I beg", but "I Want", "I Wish", "I Command", "Administration". It Comes from the assumption that we reach out to you that they are a good programmed for us from the beginning of the world, lost by us through Inknowledge, limitation and our own weakness. In the trusting demand of all these favors, there is a cut off from the current erroneous, tragic position of humanity, and the return to the right place, which has been designated to us for centuries. A Prerequisite for success in life and a condition repeatedly underlined by the author is the absolute rupment of "negative thinking".

Negative thinking is not only pessimism, doubt, despair. It is also hostile, unkind feelings, envy, joy of someone else's misfortune, disaffection, hatred, etc. Negative Thinking, as the author claims, is a disease in itself, brings suffering, pain, mental illness and body, and even death. From These dangerous thoughts should be reversed, do not stop them in the mind, substitute others joyful, positive. "Never let negative thoughts lurk in your mind," he observes.

So When we decided to appeal to this power in us and we muted our minds, removing all negative thoughts, we can now proceed to the same psychotronic technique of treatment, in more detail given by the author.

Let US Remember, however, that the precision of execution comes over time. Patience and perseverance. Let us Not ask ourselves at the beginning of the perfect adaptation to the instructions of the author. It's about attitude, understanding and good intentions. Many people were reported To E. Monahan, they were distrustful, resistant, very critical. None of us think that he can immediately mute his mind, remove all negative thoughts, loosen the body in perfect relaxation, etc. And yet they achieved what they wanted so much.

The Technique of psychotronic treatment consists of three parts:

1. Preparation

2. Appeal to your Superconscious

3. End

AND preparation and termination are breathing exercises, combined with deep relaxation. The Body and mind refreshed with deep breathing, deeply relaxed, express a condition free from physical and psychological tensions, a blittable state, worthy of contact with the Overconsciousness. If we were to think more deeply about it, we ourselves would conclude that, as beings created in the image and likeness of God, we are mighty in ourselves and that we must only be cut off for a moment from the stresses of everyday life, to silence ourselves internally, to Contact that higher strength in US Latin and… Communicate their desires. Fulfilling them by our "higher Self" does not underestimate E. Monahan's slightest doubt. To convince us of this gives a whole range of healings of people suffering from very different diseases. The Author kept the exact documentation of each case and chose some of them, of course with the consent of the interested parties.

"When Roy M. Appeared for the first time, I knew he was not only suffering, but that he was full of pessimism and skepticism. For years he suffered a cross, wore an orthopedic belt, barely moved, for 4 years he did not work,-"The Lady speaks a lot about this wonderful treat, but I am convinced that I personally will not help anything anymore." -Mr. M., with this kind of attitude, I would be sincerely surprised if anything helped the Lord. Your negative thoughts hold the Lord in a cage of suffering, as in prison. " When I patiently explained to him that his own negative thoughts are the main cause of the pains of the cross, he looked at me with the highest surprise and an apparent disapproval. In the end, however, he promised to follow my instructions and be with me in touch. After two weeks, he rang: he did not feel any pain, he threw the orthopedic belt, he could move freely. In a few weeks, he returned to work and gave himself a great deal of advice. He was a keeper at the department store and his duties were to climb the floors 2-3 times a day. He became enthusiastic propagator of the idea of psychotronic treatment. -"Everyone should know this wonderful method of treatment. When I think of so many years spent in pain, I'm Grinding with anger. Let The lady stop talking about this people. It would be a sin to stop something like that just for yourself. "


1. Choose a quiet place, lie down or sit on a chair with a backrest to comfortably resist your head. For beginners, it will be convenient to have a comfortable location.

2. Close your eyes and observe your breath peacefully without controlling it. Relax the muscles of the entire body, from the face to the toes.

3. Pull deep air through your nose, stretch your lungs and diaphragm. Observe the inner eye of your breath, imagine how the air flows through the body, ending in the vicinity of the brain. When Exhale (also only through the nose) relieve the abdominal muscles and plunge into the relaxation of the whole body and mind. Repeat this exercise three times, each time trying to deepen the relaxation.

4. Create a picture of the circulatory system in mind. Imagine all blood vessels, arteries, veins, capillaries. In a deep, even relaxation, they realize the flow of blood through the body. Repeat in the thought: "I Want my blood system to be in complete harmony with myself and with other systems of my body. I Want to remove all impurities from my body and bring new energy to all the cells of my body. "

5. Introduce your breathing system. Let it form a clear image of your lungs, let it expand and shrink, let your body supply oxygen. In The mind, repeat: "The Power of my superconsciousness I am ordering that my breathing apparatus be perfect to work and remain in perfect harmony with each other and all the other systems of my body."

6. Imagine your digestive system now. Create a clear picture of the stomach, thin and thick intestines. Repeat in the following words: "Through the power of the Superconsciousness, I want my digestive system to draw the maximum benefit from the food I accept and to remain in total harmony with myself and my whole organism.

7. In the mind, Look at the image of your heart and repeat it in your mind: "by the Power of Superconsciousness, I command that my heart will work efficiently, peacefully, without distraction. I Wish myself to remain in complete harmony with myself and my whole organism. "

8. Create in your mind the image of the proper skeleton. Let thy inner eye See all the bones and joints. Speak in your mind. "By the extraordinary power Of my Superconsciousness, I command that all calcification, thickening, and illness of my skeleton are immediately removed, and sick cells disconnected, replaced with healthy and excreted from the body as a burden, a burdensy harmony of my Body weight ".

9. Now look at yourself in the mind. Let this portrait reflect your perfect health. With this image, before the eyes, repeat the following words: "I Want all the systems of my body to remain in total harmony. By the power of my Superconsciousness I manage to make my body enjoy perfect health, and all diseases have been removed as disharmony. "

10. Breathe deeply, diaphragm. Let your mind accompany the breath through the body, ending in bringing it to the top of the head. Repeat this exercise three times, plunging each time into a deeper relaxation. Repeat in the thoughts: "I Am perfectly healthy on the body and mind."

11. Breathe quietly, without controlling your breath, while still keeping your body in a relaxed place.

12. Open your eyes and go to your daily routine.

This Technique, actually practiced, takes approximately 15 minutes a day. You can Practice one time a day, up to three times as much as possible at equal intervals, but life imposes different limitations and rigid frameworks cannot be introduced.

Psychotronic treatment can be applied not only to each other, and thus can be effectively assisted by others. The Distance of the space is no obstacle to the psychotronic treatment. Your Healing thoughts are rushing at the speed of light and are subjected to the most powerful force in the universe-the power of the Superconscious.


"Bob C. was 15 years old. He suffered a car crash and suffered from it a distant wound: second and third degree of burns. In the first few weeks the suffering of a young man was mitigmed by drugs, but it was time when drugs were discontinued for fear of addiction. Wounds, far from healing, have given the patient a lot of pain, it is also the room that has filled moaning and pleaded for help. For help to me she reported to Bob the mother. Both parents immediately began to apply the psychotronic technique of treatment. In an hour later, Bob fell into a restful sleep, the first of four days. They also Began to visibly resolve the pains and sick quickly returned to health. Even before the use of psychotronic therapy, it was established on the medical consylium that the skin transplantation will be necessary, and this would entail a number of operations. Mrs. C. Gladly advised me that Bob was ultimately waiting only two, and maybe only one operation. "

"Linda J. was extremely interested in the technique of psychotronic treatment. She Attended lectures from parapsychology at the University of Georia State. She has been Acquainted with this problem by many of his friends, as well as friends of these friends. Only her sister, Judy and brother-in-law, who lived at 1000 km from Georgia, criticized Lindy's belief in "such stupidity." But It happened that Judy was very dangerously hurt the eye with sharp wires and the doctors considered them 95% lost. The Brother-in-law informed Linde about the accident by phone, and as it is in the face of danger, inattentive to the recent yet virulent criticism, he pleaded for the help of Linde, and through her and me. We Immediately joined the psychotronic treatment. We Agreed among ourselves that until the 10th hour the next day, when doctors decide whether to avoid surgery, we will send to Judy miraculous healing forces as many as four times. At Noon There was a joyful message: there is no need for surgery. He Telephed Bob, said that doctors with enormous surprise found that the injured eye overnight was regenerated. In This situation, contact lenses will be necessary. Linda knew that Judy was not wearing glasses and wanting to spare her this annoying she asked me to re-request, namely, I would together with her through psychotronic treatment rescued Judy from wearable lenses. OF course I agreed. After a week, because then I was supposed to be Judy on a control test, I had my phone again. Lindy's Voice was shaking with joy: "The Sister does not need to wear glasses The doctor has ruled that the eye is 100% healthy. He Attributed this improvement to wearing corrective lenses. Then Judy pulled out of the bag an unrealized prescription for glasses. A doctor's Hearing cannot be expressed in words. " Judy and her husband fell into the second extreme in this case. I Always say that psychotronic therapy should go in parallel with medical treatment rather than instead. That's not less I was very happy with them.

"Jean L. Has volunteed me tremendously, mentally. It was found in her breast tumor, which although mild, had to be operationalfully removed in the near future. The Operation meant a longer stay in the hospital, Jean had three small children (2, 4 and 6 years), and the husband was in continuous business trips. I Gave her a "point-by-point" technique printed on a piece of paper, explaining what psychotronic therapy is and how I usually asked for the news. After three days I had a phone: "I'm Back from the control overexposure. The Tumor disappeared. I am tremendvery happy. " Jean and her husband Martin remained in touch with me. They Not only practiced three times a day, but they taught the oldest child. "When They grow up some smaller children, they will join and they have to do these family exercises," they claimed with enthusiasm. "

All these diseases were cured with the same psychotronic technique of treatment. It Has its immutable rules, included in points and sub-points; (a) Differences in individual disease cases relate only to individual words and terms.

Psychotronic Treatment consists in recourse to his Higher Self, to the power of his own Superconsciousness, to the presentation of his desire and to perpeting them by the mental experiencing of the scenes of joy, happiness from recovered health, congratulation Coming and scenes in the doctor's office, who with Astonisher, but and happily finds an absolute cure from the disease. Simple, easy, and so much needed for us! It will be much easier to believe in waking up in your imagination for your own gendered health and joy.

Service-Generating Headquarters "Różdzkarz", Poznań 1983

Reviewer: Zbigniew Zbiegieni Mgr.

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