Power and purpose-Serge Kahili King

Power and purpose-Serge Kahili King

The Essence of power is its influence. It helps to achieve the things you desire, helps you get the results you want, helps you reach people who are willing to help you, and affects other people's power, even when we are not aware of it. Everything has active and passive power pages. The Flower contains active power to grow, blossom and multiply. It also has a passive power side to give bee food or pleasure to man. Man can have active power to solve certain tasks. It Can also contain passive power to inspire others to a specific action. There are several types of power:

1. Power of energy (elements, strength, emotions, vibrations)

2. The Power of favor[zdolność dawania, także zatrzymywania]s (e.g. Money, social positions, prestige, punishment, feelings, protection, pleasure)

3. The Power to Intimish (fear, intimidating, act of violence, loss, emotional manipulation)

4. The Power of knowledge (skill, information, wisdom)

5. Power of authority (confidence, confidence in people's access to power)

6. The Power of concentration (decision, determination, motivation, lust)

7. The Power of faith (beliefs, expectations, assumptions)

Personal Power is the power to drive your own life to take responsibility for the effects of your own conduct. They All use power to a certain extent and most people take responsibility for their own actions when everything is as they desire. However, some people take responsibility, even if life situations are not on their hand. And Many people give power to external factors, so that they live for someone else instead of their own life. "Take care of Me" seems to be more popular than-"Help me take care of myself." "It's not My fault" is heard more often than-"I'M Changing."

Personal power not only affects units. It also has social consequences. I Was once Told about an incident occurring at a time when they began to stack relations between the US and communist China. As a cultural exchange, the United States sent a table tennis team to China to play the game. During the break of the team both countries spoke through the fat-making of life in their countries. The Americans stated that on average every two years each of them changed their place of residence. The Chinese asked if the Americans were not bad on their government for being so often siffled. When They were clarified that the Americans are moving from their own unforced will, whenever and wherever they want, the Chinese shouted in disbelief: "How can you control your economy since everyone is doing what he wants?!". It is hard for Some people to understand that the most influential, the most prosperous and compaliating state, gives their citizens a lot of freedom to make their own choices.

A Way to increase your personal power, e.g. Power to develop his own life, is a combination of techniques: Ku'uwelu, Ho'ohui Hoak and Nalu.

Ku'uwelu means to enter a state without any resistance, where everything freely affects and flows out of the interior. The State of lack of resistance takes place both in the mind and in the body, and this process is achieved by using words, movements, thoughts, feelings, by being vigilant. In practice, it consists of controlling the body to release all unnecessary voltages and resistance (the Necessary tensions in the body are eg. Muscle tension to maintain a simple position while standing) and to release the mind from all negative thoughts.

The Result is the achievement of some kind of mental and physical transparency, you can say "empty vigilance". This Does not mean that you shouldn't be vigilant. It Should be in a state of heighted alertness limited by automatic reaction patterns. Heighted alertness includes purity of thought, greater perception of senses, increased perception of energy and the ability to act and react to every stimulus. In practice, the body's relaxation and reaction "Aha!" is often experienced.

Ho'ohui Hoaka means "to tie up with aura" and refers to the technique of extending aura to connect with aura of its own environment. When practicing this technique you are conscious of the shape, material, movement and feelings, anything you have encountered.

This is the second level of technique, but it is not similar to the Kulike grokking because you are still very aware that the subject or person is not you (grokkingly-the technique of unidating, see "The City Witch Doctor"). So Far you are firmly bound as if you are holding or touching a well-known object or person you like.

Ho'omaika'i is a blessing technique that is a great help for connections.

Nalu is a technique of contemplation that works according to the principle of EFWAG (energy flows where attention follows). Whenever the mind is focused on something, especially closely and carefully, it not only flows energy there, but the nature and quality of the things on which you are focused, is usually reproduced by the KU, the mind of the body.

So If you focus on the energy of fire, you tend to receive energy, and if you focus on the freedom of the eagle, you will feel free. In Addition, the Nalu can be used for telepathic and psychokinetic influences.

When These 3 techniques are combined, the results can be filled with power. If you have ever experienced high power or a state of love, it is a way to get back to it consciously. The Point is that the state of lack of resistance will allow for the flow of energy, the use of the aura connects you to your environment, and the process of contemplation shall guide energy according to its natural well-being. This will Make you start changing into some sort of super guide for Super efficiency.

While you are connected, the key factor is to focus your contemplation. For example, you can start by meditate on beauty, go to energy, and finally start focusing on desired effect. This Combination is also very useful for eliminating personal behaviors. When you are considering the problem you will have many possibilities to keep your mind and body relaxed.

The Power is meaningless if it has no purpose, and the target cannot be achieved without power. The higher the target, the greater the power, but it does not work the opposite. You Cannot accumulate enormous power and then concentrate it for a great purpose. This goal enlars the power.

Using the power for the purpose of your immediate satisfaction is natural. We Do this every time we try to enlarge our comfort, our pleasure or our efficiency.

Shopping is an expression of personal power. Like driving a car, playing a game or loving yourself, but the degree of influence (i.e. the degree of power) is relatively small. If we engage others in expressing our personal power by helping them to enlarge their influence, our own power grows. All great religious, political, military, economic or social leaders use this idea, consciously or unconsciously. The Majority also met with two major problems based on the misunderstanding of power. The First problem is the fake power binding with control. This error is very common and it is the main factor by which so many people are afraid of the whole notion of power.

Actually, control is just a technique and it's not very good to exerting influence. Control requires threat or punishment to be effective, and the answer is always fear and anger. Therefore, the use of control creates a natural resistance against it. If you look at the outer shell of a given situation, the control may seem effective, in the family, in the police, but the hidden resistance constantly strives to solve the control. If even the situation lasts for several years, the control technique will create a very poor image of making the desired results.

The Second problem is the use of power against the champion. Exerting influence triggers a change, and the universe has a built-in resistance to change, which helps to prevent confusion from falling into chaos. In All our existence we can see the constant interaction between the forces of change and the resistance against these forces. We can also see constant attempts to reduce resistance to make changes easier, such as the path of liquid lava, the shape of falling droplets, the structure of the hand line, the strength of the elephant, the streamlined shape of the plane, the change in lifestyle.

Very rarely we see the power when it is used consistently and deliberately to get rid of something. Some people are not satisfied with the development of their own religious or political system. They must do their own by destroying others. Some people do not like to compete. They Prefer to eliminate the contestants. Some do not want to cure cancer. They want to fight him. The Use of power to oppose, condone or destroy another power creates enormous stresses and tensions that reduce the efficiency of both.

"Power over" and "power against" are inefficient power. It is Far more useful to use "power to". The Previous two are deeply destructive, while the next is deeply creative. Sometimes the difference is as subtle as the attitude, but the effects can vary tremendally.

For example. Different treatment methods are to treat the disease as an enemy or as a behavior. If you think of a disease like cancer, as an enemy, it can lead to the thought of denunciation of this war. Then treatment such as surgery, irradiation, chemicals, and the X-ray are considered a weapon to win the war. Any treatment lacking the power to suppress or destroy cancer or conceal its secrets, is considered unnecessary or in the worst case for the trick. On The other hand, treating cancer as a behavior or as a behavioral effect leads to the thought that any treatment that changes the behavior of the body, mind or environment may be helpful and may even contain a treatment that is a weapon in the "enemy" method. The Biggest difference is that the military attitude produces more emphasis on resistance in the body, mind or environment, rather than the attitude of peaceful behavioural change. The Result is that later more power is focused on treatment, and less is needed to overcome the resistance. This is an aspect of energy physics.

In Nature We see abundant examples of rocks, plants, animals that follow the path of the least resistance. We also Find it in humans. In the path of least resistance, it can be blindly obvious that there is a radical return in attitude to recognize it. The Blade of grass has the power to overcome the concrete slab, but there is still no power to achieve this feat. It May not overcome this barrier at all. Perhaps the use of the principle that energy flows where it draws attention, is the focus of all the attention of the embrow of the grass to reach the sun and ignore the concrete barrier. Perhaps in the face of such love, the concrete is separated to pass the grass and perhaps the same can be put into our human life. Perhaps the path of the least resistance is the path of love. If that is the case, there may be more power and higher goals in keeping our attention on what we want, not what we do not want. Less on what we hate and we fear, and much more on what we receive as the highest good.

Kahili King Serge
This Text is published under the polite permission of ALOHA INTERNATIONAL
Translation: Anna Jędrusiak

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