About three self-students-Sebastian

Starting from… Beginning
My first encounter with Huna is the book by M. F. Longa.
There, the first time I met with the admiration of man on three Jaznie-lower itself (NJ-far equivalent to the subconscious), the average itself (SJ equivalent of daily awareness) and higher itself (WJ, far-sighted superego). Small note by the way-below to talk/write ' I ' I think once SJ-my average, I mean JAZN, logical reasonable UMYSL, another time my creature as a whole-I think that with the ease you know what understanding in a given context. At First contact with the books of Longa and presented in them Huna took me, where the way/mechanism of connection of the jazz, specifically-why (as Long as it describes) the Lowdown JAZN (NJ) is connected to both other jazz (WJ and SJ), the The Srednia JAZN (SJ) is only connected to NJ and if it wishes to contact the WJ it must use NJ. From the beginning it seemed strange and unnatural, but I accepted it and approved as Part of the System (Huny).

I rodent, I was biting it until today, when I suddenly oswiecilo.

He came to understand, explain, reconcile. By the way in several other materials the same. Good

Now a small leap: Let's take the vision of the creature (Human being) from the point of view of the Huny, that is, the next Jaznie and tacit. We have so NJ (lower JAZN, Podsviosc), then SJ (Srednia JAZN, awareness), then WJ (higher JAZN, Nadworldadomosc).

Let's set them on the vertical axis, from the bottom to the top, the most NJ, the highest WJ: WJ SJ NJ Now Let's add to the WJ God and below NJ physical body and we get:


| Bog

| WJ (Wyzsza JAZN)

| SJ (Srednia JAZN)

| NJ (JAZN Lowdown)

| Physical Body

Proposes to move the above drawing/description of the axis on a sheet of paper, it will make a disguise by further text and you can add additional elements, which later appears.

If you want to describe these vertical os sort of size, it is independent to what size they used to turn out, the description is meaningful and correct and obtained analogies just thiraugust heap and at least speak to me.

Let's describe the frequency of vibrations-physical body vibrates the poorest, the least, the smallest frequency, is the stocks most tangible and visible (take your hand and waving yourself in front of your eyes-as you will mahal quickly it will not see in Ogole, although the whole time you know, the hand is, because I feel that the slower you will be the Paw Mahal the better you will be seen, a good analogy, right?).

In such a nod at the top Of the axis we have God, who vibrates the fastest, the flocks are not possible to see or touch.

Still about vibrating: When you change the SWA hand and you will be mahal in front of the eyes-if you are doing it slowly it will be easy to determine where at the moment is the hand, as well as to determine, where at the moment is the physical body of man. If you will be Mahal reka very quickly it will cease to be perceptible, it will be realized that in one moment is everywhere. Stad another observation-physical body is somewhere, in a specific place, bog is everywhere (if you accept the frequency of its vibrations for the unending great it will actually be everywhere in one moment)

And the next observation-the physical body will be opaque, to be able to do what is behind him, Bog is completely transparent, transparent perfectly. It is covered by the experience of the clairers, who speak of more and more fleeless and more difficult to perceive human bodies.

Here's a small dire about perception: the hand that you hold in front of your eyes is easy to perceive. When you start to hand Machac to power still I see play behind the slider with a sight of the same frequency, (or greater) as the swipe reka. That Is, it must be your senses (sight) to adapt to the frequency of vibrations of the object (Reki), which you look at. Stad proposal-to see a body of subtle on the next levels, which vibrate with increasing frequency, you should use the senses, which wibruja with the same frequencies also adjust (reduce/increase) The vibrations of their senses ( I admit that it is not for me to end now clear).

This axis is Still described as a vibration frequency.

When you hold the hand before your eyes it takes a definite, relatively small area. Bog (Reka machajaca verbatim quickly) occupies an area determined by his vibrance, and because the amplitude of his vibration is unfinished, and the area occupied by God is unfinished-it comes out, with bog is everywhere:-)

The remaining jazz Huna says (and coincides with the conclusions of our axis), the physical body is unpainted from other physical bodies, does not take on other bodies. This easy experience to try to put a finger in the eye-or a finger (???), or the eye will be stamped, there is no possibility that the finger entered the eye without damaging it. Although this is, of course, possible if the vibrations of the body, as it is with water: One piece of ice with the other does not penetrate, but will raise the vibrations of the ice (heals) to steel in August water is from the ease can two pieces of mixing so that it penetrates, Straca SWA integrity and individuality, but not disappear, will still exist.

Next: The body of the subconscious is already a little out of physical body, and maybe to some extent on the body of other people (the possibility of empathy-immersion in the emotions of others, to some extent, feeling what the person near us). NJ, however, still strongly sees it and is very privileged to its reactivity.

Next: The body of SJ (average Jazni), it is more volatile, vibrates faster, occupies a larger area, even more easily he is confused with the body of SJ another person, stocks is possible in a duuous degree of another person's approach at this level or understanding the other (SJ to m.in. Reason, logic). Even says: Try to understand him, instead: try to feel his situations, understanding the fact of knowing the situation of the other person much more than by emotions-just like the body of SJ the many people on each other much more than the body of NJ.

You can mention here the Odrebnosci: if the body of physical are certainly odrebne, already in the case of the body SJ such distinction is very blurred, the body of the west on each other, when there are several people in the room is basically one (a single body SJ can be The size of the room, it depends only on the degree of development, frequency and amplitude of vibrations).

Now the body of the WJ-according to Huna a single higher JAZN despite, that constitutes distinct from other WJ creature so really has a direct excellent contact with the WJ other people (perhaps in the whole to understand the situations of another WJ in the perfect way) and all the WJ create something like The higher Jazz community. It's quite simple to imagine: if you recognize that the body as vibration already baaaaardzo quickly with a relative high amplitude takes quite a large area (Zalozmy-sphere of the diameter of a few kilometers) is NP. Body WJ inhabitants of one city is in principle in one place, all almost in the entire overlap). Such two overlapping bodies of WJ are able to compreil each other, just as there are several, a few hundred or a few miliardow. I am Very responsive to such a vision of the WJ, the translation in a simple way many aspects of this jazni and it is closer to its understanding. I could still stretch further conclusions, but because I have a lot to say on other topics is preceded, certainly if necessary, you give yourself the advice. I should Add that, between the level of the WJ and the God of Huna puts many levels of the intermediate occupied by WWJ (Wyzsza-Wyzsza-JAZN), WWWJ (please do not try this as an Internet address:-), WWWWWWJ, Itede., whose bodies are getting bigger and Occupy increasingly larger area, you can imagine, for example. WWWWWWWWWJ about the Earth's promise. /Probably it will be something of the soul of the Earth:-)/

Finally, a word about the bodies-what is the body of God, which occupies the area, who is so able to comprehend/understand explain does not need:-)

Now take the hand of the card, on which you drew the OS and add one element of the description:


| Bog-fire

| WJ-Air

| SJ-Water

| NJ-Earth

| Physical-mineral body (scale)

This is the link between the elements and the created hair.

According to me, the characteristics of the individual elements perfectly match the characteristics of the assigned jazz.

Gestosc For example: physical body is geste, strongly geste, like mineral. Try to change the body differently than scalpel or mlotkiem.

NJ Body is like the Earth-no longer as hard as Kamien, PRZESYPYWAC August gives (though it requires a wysilku) but it can not fly (unless the wind-air:-)-again beautiful analogy, which is associated on the axis is air). Change the lands as you change NJ gives in August, but it's a slow and time/energy process.

The Above is SJ or water. It is more plynna, more prone to change. The Looks of the SJ (i.e., reasoning, logic) are easy to change, through appropriate logic arguments and the agreement we are able to change them in an instant, as it is easy to change the shape of the water. Water easily adapts to the environment although it does not fill it in full (like air) and only in the lower (thanks to gravity) of its parts. This is my own/your SJ-easily adaptable (someone even measured the degree of intelligence as the ability to adapt to the circumstances), from the ease can change the appearance, but it does it with a certain amount (as water poured From one vessel to another) and does not fill the dish completely.

Go Back to NJ-here is still a warm when it comes to change, and because the NJ domain is the world of emotions, everyone knows how hard it is to change some of your emotions/emotional injuries/complexes.

Now a step above-here is WJ or air. Changing the shape of the air is almost instantaneous, the air fills the entire vessel in which it is located. This is also WJ-you can conclude that the change of its views is immediate, the assessment of the situation is also immediate, full and perfect in every cute (as well as the full air fills the vessel).

The Above is the bog-ogien.

It's energy.

What shape does it have? Ogien has a shape of fire:-) Fire is not something independent, it can not exist spontaneously like air, water or earth. The fire burns the Air (gas), water (liquid) or lands (the body is constantly), based on this, and at the time when it burns it is air, liquid or solid steel. It Is very volatile but at the same at the same world, as none of the other elements. This Zywiol has no specific nature like gas or liquid, it is a process.

By the way-how to see-the same Nasunelo association with a degree of focus of matter, from the body of the constant through the liquid on the gas, because I do not know how to determine the fires as I do not know how to specify God:-)

The Combination with the state of physical matter irreverently touches the idea of temperature, internal energy, energy.

At the bottom of the axle is the lowest temperature, the negligible internal energy. Clear association with the body of steel, with minerals. When we heat the body continuously (e.g. LOD), we will provide him with energy that is transformed into something more soft, prone or in water, into a liquid. It will have more energy inside. Further heating will evaporates the liquid and thus transforms into a gas with even greater internal energy until the heated matter begins to burn, it will become energy, God.

The Associations of the Jazni, the amount/power of bright energy, right?

You Can still describe the OS:-) If you had any doubts-look, the gas can push the body constantly from the fly, the body is constantly a leaf in the wind, see who here whose fate decides, if you move the gas and the body constantly on our OS and jazz. If the body constantly shakes suddenly erection affect the air (and some people fall on the idea to something of his wyzsz JAZN zmusic), see how the result of the attempt to move the air in the room with the use of eg. Rockers or other equivalent of the Earth, the body of the steel. Immediately after such a test gas returns to its previous place, do not move in August (although he probably travels, but it wsjo fish). Or Otherwise-what's easier to move: wind sand or air/sand wind?

Quite analogies, the rest of the same dopowiesz.

Looking at these comparisons, on the OS, see in which the page Ida the conversion of jazz/matter, if still, and still supply its energy.

Bog is energy, unfinished energy, that is, everything is heated still and still.

On the axis to see, with evolution, the development leads through physical body (L[cholera, nie wierze :-)]OD), then NJ, SJ to GET to the WJ and at the end to reach the level of God, the same energy.

And One more thing-look at the OS you can see in which direction, with which the effort and speed move in August changes/actions.

In Order for the wind to move the sand is enough a blast, sand in August, the wind can stop hanging. So It looks like the action of WJ in human life-fast, effective, the effects are permanently. So in general, it looks at the level of spiritual levels at the lower tiers. Just a small but strong blast to Doszczetnie and permanently transposing an inch of sand, much bigger than him.

And now in the second page-let the sand or Lopatka try to change the gas. Surely it will succeed at these moments when you put the Lopatke in a new place where there is a Lopatka gas ustapi. But now it is enough for the Lopatka to move and the gas returns to its place. Just Imagine how great musialaby to be a lopatka, in order to change the air in the room-certainly the size of the walls of this room. And when we talk about air in the open space-is there a change of Lopatka is possible? And Yet there are people who try to use their medium and lower jazz to affect WJ.

UFFFF, Zameczylem you already doszczetnie, probably not to this place dotrwales. If you are mistaking and, however, here you read it congratulates, because in the end doczekales in August the answer to the key initial question posed in this text: namely, as it is with this combination of jazz in human being, or actually the way to the WJ leads only through NJ, as claimed Long? Is it not possible to contact the direct SJ and the WJ? Now, it is, my experience on it is always pointed out, yet I will be in a clear way to wylozyc and explain, so I take care and my experience with the whole pomine. Now-Three Jaznie man is a single (at least for the time of his life), are inseparable whole, are connected and ' based ' on the physical body. This physical body does not have its own jazz (I am the jazz of his body) or does not possess his own will, however, is a strictly connected with the spirits living in it-NJ-SJ-WJ.

That is-because three jaznie with the body of the flesh are associated so strongly on each other in every aspect, if one itself (or body fiz.) is in some aspect of the unharmonious it casts it to others. It is Easy to feel on your own skin-sick body does not allow the functioning of the remaining jazniom, likewise sick NJ does not give the ' normal life ' rest. SJ can also be SFIKSOWAC, while the WJ remains constantly perfected. WJ is harmonious always so disharmony WJ never feel. For This we feel the disharmony of SJ or NJ. While the disharmony of SJ to harmonise-that is, to make the right changes-is easy (SJ is not as gesta as NJ, it's water, you remember?) so much NJ SHARMONIZOWAC harder, it requires greater energy.

M. F. Long wrote-Want to get in contact with the SWA WJ? In that case, talk with your NJ, let him contact you. Pisal even outright, with NJ is the intermediate/bridge in contact with WJ and SJ. For me it's a pile of not three and now I know why, just finally explain.

Jaznie Is a single (sitting in a pile:-) So you can not consider one jazni in isolation from the other, you can not, eg. To contact SJ and WJ in isolation from NJ, or to contact NJ and WJ in isolation from SJ. Well, since they sit in the pile is when suddenly one wants to talk to the other is what is to do the third? To go aside? It can Not do it, it is connected with the remaining locked in the same room. So this third itself (eg. SJ wants to talk to the WJ is the third jazz is NJ) can sit quietly and listen to what they talk to two other (can turn to the conversation), can also interfere with the remaining serve two in August by waving them in front of the eyes (in order zajarzyly, what's going on with Vibration frequencies:-))), going between them and using any other ' disturbing ' grips so that two jaznie do not get along.

The Conclusion is simple-so that two Jaznie can contact the agreement must also the third, also the third must accept a combination of the other to not interfere with them. It is still different-to come to contact two Jazni third can not DISHARMONIZOWAC whole, which is all three. If I keep in a bowl of water three hands (where I took the third hand???) is that the water in August to calm any of the three cancer can not move. It exactly illustrates what I mean with this disharmony-enough that one lapa kiwa finger in a bowl and already doing the waves. That is: This really always comes to contact three Jazni, because you always need the consent of three jazni (the disagreement of one ' bother ' serve two remaining). So Say ' contact ' always comes to contact all three Jazni, contact only two of them-as evidenced by the above-is physically (???) not possible. And even differently to talk-because they are a single contact always all together, or none of them, only the direction and initiator of the connection is different.

Let's go ahead-WJ _zawsze_ want to connect with the other two, its opposition never exists, never bother the serve two remaining in the conversation (you once disturbed your WJ?:-) SJ often wants to contact NJ (and obtains it, because WJ accepts it), sometimes wants to contact the WJ (and obtains it if just NJ also wants it). WJ always agrees, so you can not see its impact on this meeting-three. But She is always and sees everything when SJ and NJ talk she is standing and listening, asked for advice to be heard (not otherwise). On its part, the objection to the contact will not be, so you can get the impression that the contact depends only on the will of SJ and NJ, which-the indirect-suggested Long.

And now-When the contact wants Me as SJ but my NJ this contact does not want to do anything, just NJ will interfere, will wavac this third hand in the water, will jump between SJ and WJ so that the conversation does not happen (irritated SJ can calm , patient WJ Wait for the next occasion).

Here: hint-how to see through patience (oil disturbing NJ) SJ can get along, however, with the WJ, who is idyll patience and it already indicates my experience (thanks to patience you can out the WJ despite the opposition NJ). Looking at all this can be zluaniu, that is NJ responsible for contacting SJ <=>Wj, meanwhile, it is only here, in order THAT NJ does not interfere.</=> If you bother-contact is not there, if you do not bother-contact is.

Long draw a simple application, with a connection-cable runs from NJ to WJ and I believed him and then I struggled and wondered the whole time, what a cable that sticks out of my SJ and leads the page WJ;-) Now It's clear to me, and for You? Not too much zamacilem?

AND another barrel now, already to the KONCOWI.

The awareness is ' Gesta ', its system of looks is difficult-slow-changing (in relation to the average I, the WJ no longer talk-there is a full flexibility). The Flocks of NJ look to change hard, much harder than SJ. WJ can accept any kind of weather at any time (as the air fills the vessel exactly and quickly), which is seen on the "outsourced" WJ implementation of customs, the arrangement of cases, etc. -WJ is able to find any output from any situation by satisfying any expectation of any number of interested persons-she is in an instant to be in August Wczuc in each participant, see what good for him and then draw from this All part of the cooperation, which will be a solution. That is, WJ is able to find the situation with _kazdej_ satisfying _allym_ and listening _all_, would only be its at the level of the SJ and NJ. In this context, it is easy to explain ' love all ', which means: ' Do not disturb in doing good for others ' because if you do not love someone, you can not want him good and in this way do not accept the ideal solution proposed by the WJ. Not to mention: WJ not they against your Will (SJ) or against the will of any other person (her SJ), so if the ' wczuwaniu ' successively in each person interested in resolving the case in someone encounters thought "I do not love surprised, he can not improve" is If it is Surprised to be interested in this, unfortunately, will be blocked. In this way, do not like someone cut off from the solutions giving this person joy and fulfillment, good. If someone does not like it does not want to him well. I Can be neutral in relation to someone, indifferent, but this is not the point. The problem with someone means that the solution will also be indifferent to the person. If I love this solution will be good for her. Since the WJ knows the perfect solution, good for everyone, why would you give it a BREAK from it and accept a solution from SJ (acceptable to SJ) or NJ? The Solution of ulomest means not giving someone good, ignoring someone in the interest and interests. If I think it's better than others, my solution (from SJ) will be better for me, worse for others, and WJ knows the solution just as good for everyone. Likewise, when I think for worse than others then the solution SJ is such that I trace it and others gain. In all the above situations, if the solution proposed by the WJ (that is, perfect, good for us) is different than the one I expected (i.e. By my SJ with limited perception of water filling the vessel only at the bottom, does not have the idea of the shape and size of the part of the vessel found above its mirror) then the answer from his WJ is not obtained, there is no support.

Conclusion: Directing in the proceedings only NJ (Forget;-), SJ (water to the field of the vessel) with the omisation of the WJ means that we cut off from solutions ideal for us and for all, and we are condemning to imperfections, to spiritual and material poverty, Gripes and other similar. If you think for better than others, it condems the same thing. The Same is the case when I think worse than others-then WJ gives me as much as I want to be possible to give me much more. But WJ does not oppose the will of two lower jazz.

The Digression-SJ is no longer as flexible as WJ (but can learn to be) and sometimes it is difficult to see that from some situation is the exit good for all (because it is not able to change their looks as quickly as WJ and so perfectly assess the situation), not is able to ' distance ' so quickly, or also look at the performance of the side, or to adopt a different point of view. Because in order to find out the best for everyone interested in a moment to think as each of these people, for the moments you have to be the Kims, and sometimes it is difficult to limited SJ (when, for example, Someone does not like it blocks from being taken into consideration in the solution of the point of view of the person found the solution). NJ is still a gester, its views change very slowly, its in the ogoole difficult to accept a point of view other than your own.

And now the last barrel, I hope it's actually the last. Giving.

Why do we sometimes not give fear of something we lose?

Why do we not give the other man a piece of his time, a good word, a moment of attention, a few cents, some things? We think that something is lost, just as you can actually lose anything. You have to give, everyone give. Dac one does not mean to take another, because Zrodlo is unfinished. The Road-making the mattress with a more volatile gesture. From the scales of the lands, from the ground of water, then the air, at the end of the fire. When the energy of the divine, when it Plynie, it is so already happening-as something heats up, it melts, then evaporates, then ignites. Divine Energy causes the heating of the jazz so that in the end they evaporated and ignited, then the natural direction of the everywhere is bog, the liquid will not freeze if it is still heated, the flocks are not possible regress in the development, which says Huna, because Bog is Everywhere, there is no place in which it was not. (And if such a place even it was long ago Skroplilo in the liquid, then frozen, then focused on the mineral and even further, until August Maaaaluuutkie as a point, and because there was no God, so even further in August, AZ disappeared and therefore now bog is Everywhere and everything heats up changing your state of focus to a more volatile, from the mineral to the fire:-)

To The goal Materializowal must be the consent of all the jazz, will have to be the same, and the operation of one or the best action of all. WJ will not hurt others, i.e. At its level will not perform the harm of others, because it is so volatile and flexible, that he can wczuc in the situations of each, in this way every understanding and wishing for him good-on this principle, if I could feel at one moment what I feel Everyone (interested) people are certainly not want any of them hurt because immediately and I would be odczul.

I Refuse to Give him a dish of something from each other (whether it be material or time, or anything). Why? Therefore, with the saga that I would have lost something. I refuse because I perceive the output seen by SJ, does not want to accept the output of the WJ, which is certainly such that nobody would have lost. I refuse to meet a friend and give him time because I think that the time I should devote the work (in default: to earn the maintenance and/or order me from this work did not throw away). This is a solution derived from SJ because the solution from the WJ would be such that it would not refuse a friend to give his time and at the simultaneous not lost work and I would earn a maintenance, and to know WJ be rewarded in two or much more. Why do I refuse someone's money? Why do I refuse to have a comus dish of things? Because I think that to give these things I would lose them. And This reply SJ, WJ solution would be such that I could, nothing lost and what I got in return could be a thousand better than what I would put away. Therefore, if I give in the sense that I choose the solution SJ (that is, and through this trace is what it gives) it is better not to do because actually something strace. If it gives in a sense (such an actual, deep, full) with this solution WJ is certainly nothing strace and even gain, so it works.

So Give your time, your things, give yourself, nothing you lose, but you will gain. But it must be giving in such a sense and not Coeru (' because it falls ', ' because what people say ') because then actually give you can lose. I Will not give time because of something strace. Co? Money? Get more. Maybe also money and can help in a situation in which I would not expect.

ALE: Give not strength but only if someone wants to take. So If you want to take-do not refuse, give and you will get more. This output from the situation _zawsze_ finds WJ, nobody loses, everyone gains.

Bog is the guy who is answering YES to each question. Now I know how this is possible:-) I Know how you can answer each question YES and nothing on this do not lose, do not lose, but gain everything. Strace Dollar and gain a friend.

"-And surely what they are looking for can be found in a single rozy or a little water."

Maly Ksiaze

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