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LOMI LOMI NUI is a mixture of ritual, dance and body work, which was practiced in temples by Wise Hawaiian Kahuns. LOMI means to push, crush and rub, but also to touch the velvet paws of a satisfied cat and determines the type of massage conveying that wonderful feeling, which is also expressed as a full delight, infants footing pet cats. The Repetition of the word LOMI repeatedly strengthens its significance. NUI stands for an important, one of a kind, great. LOMI LOMI NUI is therefore a massage that conveys a unique and wonderful feeling of happiness and bliss. This Book is the first position in the world, which practically and exhaustively depicts the basics of massage LOMI LOMI NUI, its precise course, as well as elements of massage KAHI LOA. The Book also contains the statements of masseurs and their clients about their experiences with LOMI LOMI NUI and KAHI LOA.


This Book describes the form of massage that originated in Hawaii and was originally practiced by the kahuns in the temples. For a massage LOMI LOMI hides the philosophy of the Huny, which in a particularly happy and simple way combines body, spirit and soul. In Our Western world, this way of thinking is like a stranger, like a statement of theory and practice, human community and culture.
At the time Of reading this book, we will understand what lies beneath the above statements. In the application of LOMI LOMI massage There is no limit between thinking and action, theory and practice. LOMI LOMI Uniting in itself what we would like to see in the Western world under the notion of selfless, healing love, or Aloha. The Huna philosophy says that we are already in the moment when we think. Thoughts and ideas are the form of power we have over things and people. However, we should use it in the spirit of Aloha.
In Our own example, we experienced the amazing action of LOMI LOMI NUI massage. We have also Seen how other people have made healing processes faster and more extensively after the application of LOMI LOMI NUI. It was Clearly noted that this is a method that stimulates the patient's self to restore their own balance and health.
Klaus Asmann is a great and committed expert in the theory and practice of the Huna and Lomi Lomi NUI. With good effect he met a difficult task of describing what actually can only survive and experience.
We Wish you that this book has found many readers that attract the issues described therein.

Renate and Karl-Heinz Nebe

Please understand that for a better and more comprehensible presentation of the exercises we use only the male form of the masseur and the patient. Of Course, we also think of the masseor and the patient at the same time.

The introduction of the

In our contemporary, famed and chaotic world where true love between people takes too briefly, massage becomes more needed than ever. It Is a symbol of favor and appreciation for another man. The Concept of massage is understood here in the broadest sense of the word. Also as the ordinary, affections of the mother, who strokes his child, touches his skin and turns his love into this visible way. What age can I do? Just What a sweeted couple strobe each other. What is The moment of living together?
We are Increasingly forgetting that sensitive touch is an important sign of favor. People are becoming less skiller in touching. They Fear because the physical touch is immediately associated with sex. In Reality, however, the touch is devoid of any intention. Much more is the expression Of unconditional love in its purest form.
Another very widespread problem is the fact that many people today do not recognize and appreciate their body.
The human Body is a gift given by God. As Long as we live on Earth, the body is the temple of our soul. It Is a bridge between the earthly world, which we perceive with the help of our five senses, and the divine creations in the Universe. So that we can walk through this bridge, we should be very careful with our body. We should take care of them and be respectible. Only in a healthy and relaxed body can we develop the spirit and soul well. Only in a healthy organism can the lightness and joy manifest itself. But the sick body is a burden that needs to be worn together like a ballast.
Unfortunately, nowadays almost no people are not suffering from fear, tension and stress. Stress in itself is not bad, but through a natural powertrain that allows us to move around and pushes us to act. If the stress is systematically removed and after it the necessary relaxation will occur, then everything is okay. Stress becomes a problem only when it lasts too long and after it does not relax, or is too short. This Leads to specific physical sequelae. The Muscles are still loaded and remain tighted even when the body actually could relax. Chronic muscle tension can result in a wide range of physical and psychosomatic conditions, such as cardiovascular disorders, headaches and spine, unconsciousness, depression, neurosis and many others.
The LOMI LOMI NUI Massage in the optimum way gives us the basic needs of touch, the respect of our body and the removal of stresses. Only the present moment counts during The massage. The Patient can quickly immerse themselves in the present and consciously perceive their body. The fears, stresses and pains that leave a place of good feeling are Removed. The Only purpose of this sensitive massage is to regenerate the man, add strength and restore harmony with himself and the environment.


Work with the body Has played a very important role in HAWAII for a long time. It Included not only some of the types of massage yet known to us today, but also many different spiritual aspects. Many of the elements of this ancient work with the body (the Hawaiians call them the KINO MANA) survived until today. The MAN CINEMA means a wide-ranging work with the body, also in spiritual terms.
It is not surprising to us that the LOMI LOMI NUI massage was originally practiced by the kahuns in the temples. The Word Kahuna means a master in some field. In This case it is a massage master, which is referred to as KAHUNA LAPA ́AU.
The LOMI LOMI NUI Massage was combined with a sacred dance, which was performed around the stone altar, and was therefore also called Temple Dance. The ceremons played an important role In the environment. LOMI LOMI was also a ritual of passage. It Served purification and was at the same time a celebration that was supposed to prepare some important new endeavor in the life of a person. Traditionally, they were brought to the temple of sexual maturating young men. The Kahuni massaged them there for hours or days to remove the stresses that are particularly common at this age. Also, people who had to take over a special task in their community, were massaged to recharge their body and spirit of energy. This Massage was accompanied by a multi-headed healing song.
Several years ago, some Kahuni chose to reveal the mystery of his thousand years of knowledge. They First taught LOMI LOMI NUI in the USA, from where later these techniques were passed on.
KAHUNI LAPA ́AU are wise, experienced men and women who do not use the only real massage technique, but work in a very different way, according to the family tradition. They use different means such as herbs, steam baths and oils, pronounce prayers and mentally connect with their ancestors and elements of nature. Although massages are carried out in a very different way, they have common characteristics: the joy of the seizure, loving appreciation for the patient, a profound relationship with all living beings and the whole world around them. The Masseur treats the whole Universe as unity and itself as part of it. Therefore, he can connect with the universal forces and work on their help. Like Eastern philosophers, Hawaiians think that the whole Universe is penetrating energy, called MANA, which can be used for its needs. Hawaiians (like other primary peoples) treat matter primarily as a connection to life.
LOMI is a Hawaiian word for massage. It Means to push, crush, rub, as well as work on the interior and the outside, but also touching the soft paw of the satisfied cat. This Image best describes the effect of what has evolved and has preserved for millennia. Do you know the pleasing footing of our pet cats, which rub with the sensually closed eyes, while reminding yourself of the delightful safety of motherly belly? If So, then you certainly know that the mere view of this blanket ritual conveys a feeling of total bliss. The same goes for the heart massage Lomi Lomi NUI.
If we double the word in Hawaiian language, for example, Lomi LOMI, then its significance is repeatedly increased. Dousing The word LOMI therefore emphasizes the intensity and quality of massage. NUI stands for an important, one of a kind, big. LOMI LOMI NUI therefore means a massage which gives a unique feeling of bliss, both indoors and outdoors.
The LOMI LOMI NUI Massage is based on natural treatments performed with the human organism. It Is an expression of the Hawaiian relationship with nature and contains many elements derived from it, which they have always used and use the wise Kahuni. Therefore, the training of the masseur LOMI LOMI NUI always contains elements of work in the surroundings of nature and with it: experiencing and feeling the elemental of water, Earth, air and Fire (also at night), the sensation of trees, bushes, flowers and minerals, life with the world of animals and People.
In Hawaii, it is fully possible To know that God is sleeping in minerals, dreaming in plants, living in animals and realizing in people. Hawaiians are proud of the possibilities of living on their islands. They Do not even dissuasive such disasters as floods and hurricanes. They Say that this is the price paid for life in paradise. Every destruction caused by nature treats itself as a challenge to start again.
The Hawaiian has a strong emphasis on being free of energy, because it is in the state of inner harmony and tranquility. This State allows him to freely flow his own energy and radiate the natural joy of life. It Helps him dance hula, songs, massages and Ho ́oponopono. This Last Word can be translated as readjustment. Ho ́oponopono is a mental purification by means of meditation, in which it is about purification of different kinds of relationships. For This process you can incorporate objects, thought patterns, feelings, conflicts, animals and people. Dancing, singing, massage and Ho ́oponopono also play an important role In LOMI LOMI NUI.
LOMI LOMI NUI is a holistic massage in the true sense of the word. Its goal is not only to relax the muscles that are tensioned, but to work on the whole man through the removal of stresses or locks inside it. LOMI LOMI NUI in a natural and gentle way treats the patient's psyas. The LOMI LOMI NUI Treatment is a feast for the senses. An Internal look for a long-standing wish, listening to captivating sounds, experiencing tropical heat and a constantly returning, vast touch of certain parts of the body. All these elements contribute to the fact that the patient quickly completely gives a massage. In This freed state returns the original perception, which is already beyond the imagination of many people. Our idea of possible and impossible things is often the way to happiness. These barriers should Be overcome.
The Body and spirit form an inseparous whole. Also in Hawaii there is a saying: As inside, so and outside. Therefore, the important task of LOMI LOMI NUI is to reconnect the patient with the wisdom of his own body and convey to him the new consciousness of the body. It is Not enough to know about the healing properties of massage. The Body as a reflection of God should have the opportunity to realize this fact. The Return to the good can only occur when it occurs at all levels.

Translation from German: Marius Cecula
Original Title: LOMI LOMI NUI. Die Tempelmassage aus Hawaii. ISBN 3-591-08412-3
Publisher: Aurum Verlag GmbH, Braunschweig, Germany
147 pages, 10 black and white drawings


LOMI LOMI NUI Temple massage from Hawaii-Klaus Assassin

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