I Found the definition of Ho'oponopono: ' Ho'oponopono is the process of releasing toxic energy accumulated in the body, which allows the adoption of divine thoughts, words, acts and actions. '
I had No idea what it meant, so I searched for another explanation. Here's What I found:
Ho'oponopono "Simply Put, Ho'oponopono means" better "or" Fix Error ". According to ancient Hawaiians, mistakes are taking with thoughts that are marked by painful memories of the past. Ho'oponopono helps to unleash the energy of painful thoughts and mistakes that disrupt internal balance and provoke illness. "

By Solving problems using the updated method of Ho'oponopono, the therapist combines his Identity and Mind with the Original Source, which others call LOVE or GOD. Once This connection has been connected, he asks for LOVE to repair his own erroneous thoughts, which manifest himself as a problem — first his own and then his client. His request is a process based on regret and forgiveness: "I Apologize for my erroneous thoughts, which have become a problem for me and for my client; Forgive me, please. " V
In response to the therapist's request, LOVE begins the mystical process of transforming erroneous thoughts. In This process of spiritual repair, LOVE first neutralizes the erroneous emotions that cause the problem, such as trauma, fear, anger, guilt or disorientation, and then releases and neutralizes the energy of thought, introducing it into the state of voidness and True freedom.
When thoughts are already empty and free, LOVE fills them with each other. As a result, the therapist renews in LOVE, and with him also his client and all that was related to the problem. Where There was despair, now is LOVE. Where There was darkness, now the Light of LOVE shines forth.

When I reach the State of Zero, the Divine Power fills my subconscious and conscious Mind with Inspiration, allowing the Soul to experience people in the same way they experience them.
Through the action of Divine Power, the memories that are transformed into my subconscious mind pass the same transformation in the subconscious minds of all intellections – not only human, but also minerals, animals, plants and all other known or Unknown forms of existence. How miraculously it is to discover that Peace and Freedom begin in me.

The Main purpose of SITH (Identity by Ho'oponopono) is to recreate the Identity of man and find his natural rhythm in Divine Intelligence. If This original rhythm is restored, Zero is opened and the Soul fills with Inspiration.
From A historical standpoint, people who resort to SITH want to share information with others, counting on the way they help them. Disabling "I can help them" mode is very difficult. It's Not enough to "explain" how SITH works to get rid of problematic memories. Only SITH can do it.
If we are to cleanse yourself from the "pre-laments", we will feel good, and together with us all and all around. Therefore, we advise against sharing the SITH with other people. First you have to forget about someone else's problems and to liberate yourself, and only then you can try to help others.

And This means that everything that irritates You, what you do not like-terrorists, the president, the economy-you can heal only you alone. In a sense, these people and situations do not exist; It's just a mapping of what's happening in Your interior.
It's not they have a problem, just You. And to change them, you need to change yourself first.
I Know it's hard to understand. It is Even harder to accept and start living according to these principles. Blaming Others is much simpler than taking Up a hundred percent responsibility.

Dr. Hew Len argues that his work is to cleanse himself. Nothing more than that. When his mind becomes pure, the whole world is cleanses, because the world is him. Everything except it is just an idea and an illusion.

According to him, the only way to solve any problem from the outside world is by confusing the "I Love You" of God's Power (or God, Life, the Universe – although you call this collective force higher).

Doctor Hew Len immediately after opening the seminar, he turned directly to me.
-Joseph, when you delete some data from your computer, what happens to them?
-I have No idea-I replied. Everybody laughed. I am convinced that nobody in the room knew it.
-When You delete some data from your computer, what happens to them? — asked the same question to the other participants in the seminar.
-Trash! -someone shouted from the room.
"Yes," confirmed Dr. Hew Len. -they are Still in the computer, even though we do not see them. It is Likewise with our memories. They are in us, so that they are hidden. Our task is to remove them completely and permanently.
What the Doctor Hew Len said was fascinating, but I had no idea what he was going to do. Why would I want to permanently delete my memories?
"You Can experience your life in two ways," explained Doctor Hew Len. -Or you will live memories or start to be inspired. Memories are returning old programs. Inspiration is a message from the Divine Power. You Want to feel true inspiration. The Only way to hear the Divine power and feel the inspiration is to remove all memories. The Only thing you have to do is cleanse your mind.

-When I worked in a psychiatric hospital and looked at patient cards-said doctor Hew Len-I felt internal pain. It was a common memory; program that made my patients behave like this, and not otherwise. They had No control. They were mastered by the program. When I also felt this program, I cleaned myself.

This Is the purification method that Dr. Hew Len uses most often and which is also one of my favorites.
It is simply about repeating the four phrases in the round, one after the other, and addressing them to the Divine Power.
"I love You."
"Forgive me, please."
"Thank you."

There are only two laws that shape our experiences: The Inspiration from the Divine Power and the Memories stored in the Subconscious, the first New, the latter Old.

When I first took part in the seminar Ho'oponopono
Led by Dr. Hew Len, he praised my book the Power of Attraction. He Said that if I make an internal purification, my book will trigger the vibrations that all of her readers will feel. In Other words: If I improve, my readers will feel the effects on their own skin.
-What about the books that have already been sold? I asked.
My Book was a bestsells and was repeatedly resumed. I was Worried about all those who already bought her copies.
-These books are not there-he explained Dr. Hew Len, once again hitting me with his mystical wisdom. -They are still in you.
In Short, there is no "there".

Today in one of the emails I read the following quote:
"The Lord, who endowed me with life, endowed me with a heartfelt gratefully."
I Wish You Peace beyond any understanding.

[rozmowa o sali, na której miało odbyć się spotkanie]
-My friend says that this room will allow us to carry out a dinner here if we love it.
-How do I love her?
-Just repeat her "I love You," replied Dr. Hew Len.
I Felt stupidly. I Have to say "I Love You" to the room? But I did my best. I Knew I didn't have to feel love to make this method work. It was Enough that I would repeat the magical words. So I did. The Truth is that if a man repeats the words "I love You" a few times, he actually begins to feel love.
After a few minutes of silence, Dr. Hew Len shared with me another wisdom:
-The Inspirations and memories that each of us store, have a powerful influence on everything that surrounds us, ranging from other people, through minerals, plants, to the animal kingdom. When the memory is converted into Zero, through the interference of Divine Power, the same change is made in the subconscious of all minds; All!
For a moment there was silence, after which the doctor continued:
-What Is happening in Your soul at any given moment, Joseph, at the same time happens in All souls. It's a great feeling to know about it. And It is even greater to realize that you can ask the Divine Creator to turn off Your memories and bring Your subconscious into the State of Zero, filling it with the thoughts, words, actions, and actions of Divine Power, while Doing the same with all beings on Earth.

Someone asked:
-So do you argue that if I have a problem with someone, then above me, and not have to work on it?
-If you have a problem with someone, this matter applies to you, not his! Dr. Hew Len replied. -It works like this: There is a memory, and you react to them. This is your problem. He has nothing to do with the other man. In my work, I helped people who hated their spouses. Once A woman told me, "I Wonder if I did not go to New York. There I will have a better chance. " Then I heard the Divine Power: "No matter where she will go; Her problems will go along with her! "
Doctor Hew Len explained that when someone is contracting with him for a therapeutic session, he does not analyse the person's case, but looks deeper into himself:
-The daughter of a 92-year-old woman has Recently called me. She said, "My mother has been complassing about the painful hip pains for a few weeks." While Listening to her relationship, I asked the Divine Power at the same time: "What is happening in me, what caused this person's pain?" And then I asked, "How can I fix this problem at home?" I Got answers to my questions and I did what I was commanded. A week later she called the same woman and said, "My mom feels better!" This does not mean that hip pains will never return, because most problems have more than one cause. But I will still be working on myself, not over a sick woman.

One of the participants of the weekend classes Identity through Ho'oponopono in Calabasas, California suddenly exclaimed during my afternoon lecture:
-My God, now I know why I hurt my belly when I was lying to my customers. Intentionally, the brother on each other their niedoli. And I don't have to do that. I can cleanse myself, thereby eliminating all the undolns.
This man understood what most "healers" cannot comprehend. The Customer is perfect! It is not a problem. Healer too. The Problem is what Shakespeare is referred to as "It (…), which time in Noil changes".
This problem is the erroneous memories that accumulate in the Subconscious (Unihipili) common to the "healer" and his client.
Identity through Ho'oponopono is a process of solving problems based on regret, forgiveness and transformation that anyone can carry out independently. In This process we implent the Divine Power to transform the erroneous memories stored in Unihipili into Zero-nothing.
It is the same with you. Mistaken memories in Your Unihipili are recurring problems. They May affect Your overweight, your son or anything else. Conscious Mind (Intellect) can not cope with them. There is no clue what is happening.
Therefore, in the Ho'oponopono method, we turn to the Divine Power that is within us and knows how to solve our problem to transform the returning memories of Unihipili into Zero.
One more thing to note. Our expectations and intentions have no influence on the action of Divine Power. It will do what you need, in your own way and at your chosen time.

All we have to do on this earth is to cleanse itself or not to purate. We can choose your own way, but it is not up to us whether we actually have a purification. We Must trust the Divine Power that it will give us what we need. Do we know better than She? Doubt. Therefore, let us give Her free hand.
Let US Cleanse ourselves. Let US Cleanse. Let US Cleanse.
-My intention is to adapt to the intentions of Divine Power-I said.
-Very Well, Joseph-congratulated Doctor Hew Len.
Intentions limit us. Let's say you want to have a parking space right at the entrance to the company. You have such intent. However, the Divine Power gives You parking mile further. Why? Because you have to walk more. Forgive yourself. Give her a free hand.

The Purpose of life is to return to Love, moment after time. To realize it, a person must be reconcilled with the fact that he is completely responsible for how his life looks. He Must understand that it is his own thoughts that create every moment of his life. The Problem is not people, places, and situations, but thinks about them. Man must realize that there is no "there".

-Memories can cause you to lack money. If you are cleaned up on the issue of money, you will have them. The Universe will give them if you agree. Memories stored in memory make it difficult for you to acquire them.
-How do I clean? I asked.
-Repeat the words "I love You".
-I have them talking to money?
-You can love money, but it is better to direct these words to the Divine Power. When you are in the Zero State, nothing restricts you and the money is coming to you. However, If you are focusing on memories, you are stuck at a standstill. The money involves a lot Of different memories. Cleanse yourself, and the same will happen to other people.

Dr. Hew Len surprised me by saying that most therapists think that their goal is to help people or rescue them. In reality, however, their work is to treat themselves with programs that they perceive in their patients. If They cleanse themselves of memories, the same memories will disappear in their patients.
-It Doesn't matter what your trainers will say or do. It Is enough that they will love their patients-explained. -Remember: The person you see is your reflection in the mirror. Everything You experience affects you too. Clean up the program that you share, and both will feel better.
-But how?
"I love you," he said.

"My grandson was sick of cancer. I Prayed for him, I asked him not to die, and yet he walked away. Why did this happen? "
I Replied, "you Prayed not about this person. You Should have been praying for yourself and asking for forgiveness for what is happening in you and what you experience as a disease of Your grandson. "
People do not realize that they themselves are the source of everything they experience. They Rarely pray for what is happening in themselves.

I Do not abide in this state. I Still return to the so-called reality. I Still need to take challenges. When Lana King asked me if I got a bad day, I replied, yes. I Still have it. Doctor Hew Len once said that we will never get rid of problems. Fortunately, there is a ho'oponopono-technique that helps To solve them. If only I am constantly cleansed and repeated the Divine Power "I Love You", I will return to the State of Zero.

Dr. Hew Len still recalls: "This is not an express method of healing. She takes time. "
I would still have added that the awakening can occur at any time. Even now, when you read this book. Or on a walk. Or when you stroking the dog. The Situation does not matter. Only Your internal state is Valid. It All starts and ends on this one beautiful phrase:
"I love You."

Here are two proven ways to Ho'oponopono to heal yourself or someone else. Remember that what you see in the other person is also within you, so every healing also includes You. Only You can perform this process. The Whole world is in Your hands.
The First Way is the prayer by which Morrnah cured hundreds, if not thousands of people. It Is simple, but has great power:
"Divine Creator, Father, mother and son in one… If I, my family, relatives, and ancestors have offended You, Your family, relatives, and ancestors in your thoughts, words, works, and actions, ever since the beginings of creation until today, we beg You to forgive… Let it cleanse, wash, release, cut all negative memories, blockages, energies and vibrations and transform them into pure light… And all will happen. "
The Second Way is a favorite healing method of Dr. Hew Len. It Consists in the fact that you first say "Sorry" and then "Forgive me, please." In this way, you admit to your consciousness the fact that something (you do not know exactly what) got into Your system body-UMYSL. You have No idea how to get there. Let's say you're overweight-that means you've caught a program that negatively affects Your figure. In Saying "Sorry," You give you know the Divine Power that you desire forgiveness for your interior for what has been brought to You. You Do not ask the Divine Power to forgive, but to help You forgive yourself.
The Next step is to repeat the words "Thank You" and "I Love you." by Saying "Thank You", you express your gratitude and demonstrate your belief that Your problem will be solved in the name of the highest good of all concerned. By Contrast, the words "I Love You" unlock the accumulated energy and allow You to reunite with the Divine Power. The State of Zero is a state full of love, in which there are no limits, so to achieve it, you have to openly express this feeling.
What will happen later Is the Divine Power. It is Possible that you will feel the inspiration for a specific action. No matter what it is, do it. If you are not sure what you should do, use the same healing method that you did before, this time against Your embarrassment. When you are completely clean, you will know what to do.
This is a simplified version of Ho'oponopono's modernized healing methods. If you want to better understand the Identity process through Ho'oponopono, sign up for the Doctor Hew Len workshop.


These Are loosely selected fragments from the book Zero limits, each separated by a break line.

More And more people are interested in the theme of Ho'oponopono. As there are many different opinions about this book and the technique presented in the Polish-speaking Internet, I decided to gather all the knowledge about Ho'oponopono.

Not My role is to judge the method presented by Joe Vitale and Ihaleakala Hew Len. I only Want to provide, as far as possible, the full image of Ho'oponopono, so that any interested person can make a choice in harmony with his spirit.

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I Wish you fruitless thoughts.

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