The Healing power of Love

Human Power is the strength of his body, the power of a lover is the power of God.

Hazrat Khan

I Listen to the broadcast of Mrs Dorota Sumińska. She Is not only a great veterinarian, but a very wise woman. Today, she told me about one of the most important laws of healing. In the broadcast it was just about the fact that some people are convinced that a loving cat, when something hurts his owner, puts himself on this place and heals, or at least brings relief for example. or other parts of the body. Mrs. Dorota is very nice to say that it is not really the point that this is just a cat heals, but that a person sick and suffering relief brings and heal every friendly creature, eg. Sick children feel great relief when touching them loving, caring mom:) I Know such cases from my practice-eg. A loving guy has suffered relief from his girlfriend for menstrual pains, and with another pair the presence of a loving partner has caused his woman to stop being allergic to a certain group of food products.
In Total, it is a good way to diagnose what a person feels to us-whether we feel better at it, or on the contrary, even on a physical level.

Aloha is to be happy with…

This principle of better wellbeing affects not only the relationship between parents and children, our pets and lovers. Among Buddhists, one of the determiners of the development of a spiritual master is that his presence introduces peace in a given place. In The old annals there are records, from which it is apparent that people from different towns, when the master of such properties set off on the road, sought to stop at them, because thanks to its presence the conditions prevailing in the village Have changed for the better.

The Key lies in the fact that the more someone is positively geared to the world and other people, the greater the ability to heal-and that comes the same. I am Not concerned about this blind alley of affirmative lies when someone creates a person who declares to the world that he loves everyone completely and unconditionally. Sooner or later the Shadow comes to the fore and someone like that under the plane of doing good destroys other people in a cruel and unpardonous way. From This type of schizophrenic divide the Self derives the class of Black Mages, about which Serge Kahili King writes about it this way:

"The Worst and most repulent is the use of the Light, which sometimes even recommends spiritual teachers, having the best intentions, but too overmastered by fear to know what they are doing. This is the use of the Light when it does not serve as a protective barrier, but as a screen or mirror, referring negative intentions to the sender. It is Assumed here that the energies, felt by us as unpleasant sensations, were deliberately sent in our direction by a persecuter who deserves the return of what he has sent. "

of Course, in the long run, it ends with a very sad-love is not possible to steal in the long run, and here it comes underneath. This is somewhat Reminiscent of this Neptunian method of stealing light and energy by using the light that I wrote about HERE.

But let's go back to the main topic, that is, the healing power of love:)
The more the man accepts and loves himself, and at the same time is open and accepting on others, the more soothing it affects others, and it is in a long-term way. If one is superficial, the superficial will also be his help, and the more deeply the friendly attitude towards himself and the world, the deeper and more significant his healing power will be.

And this power needs to be renewed, nothing in this world is given once and for all, and if the healer is not doing breaks, he does not rest, he will eventually burn him. Notice How much time they spend on lone meditations, just those Buddhist masters. Clarissa Pinkola Estes writes about the need for isolation:
"To get to the wild side of his nature, a woman needs to leave the world for a while and plunge into a state of sectification (aloneness) in the oldest sense of the word. In the former English word alone was written separated, all one *, which can be translated as one, full whole. This is Precisely the purpose of solivity: to become one. It Is a cure for so widespread in contemporary women the internal breakdown, a condition that well illustrates the old saying: "She Jumped on the horse and went on all sides."

Solivity does not involve a lack of energy and action, as it seems to some. It is rather the gift and blessing which the wild soul gives. In ancient times, as they communicate to the sick, the Mysticians and the deeply religious people, voluntary isolation from the world was supposed to act both soothing and preventatively. It Was Advised to treat fatigue, avoid tiredness. She also Favored the proclamation of the future, giving the opportunity to listen to the inner voice, which was supposed to answer difficult questions, the voice of the hearing in the hustle of the day. "

This is an important issue, which is not only for women, but women often have difficulty focusing on themselves and their affairs, which is largely due to socialization-the girl is in our culture a scholar caring only for others, a boy- Caring for themselves. In This way, instead of the balance between taking and giving, whose children of both sexes should exercise from the cradle, polarisation occurs, male tendency to psychopathy and feminine to depression. Many people for much of their life are practicing balance in this matter, because it is essential for a sense of happiness-loving and being loved, accepting and being accepted, giving and taking, peaceful assertiveness.

If a person healthly loves himself, passing freely alongside the Scylli NARCISSM and Charybdy of self-esteem, he can quietly accept the world and others, responding adequately to the situation. And precisely this peace and order, resulting from Love and not imposed Ordnungu, merges both its inner world and what is outside. Surely you have met in your life such authentically friendly, cheerful people, to whom everyone will cling:)

Susan Taylor puts it like this:

When You start loving yourself, all of you are hummy,
Because something wonderful happens to you.

What do I wish for everyone and the children to be taught them already in kindergarten or even before:)

Józefina Jagodzińska

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