Eye of Kanoa

E Aloha Mana Pono

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Eye of Kanoa


In The mythology of the old Hawaiian Kanoa was the god of the ocean, a god who heal and close companion Kane, the God of creation. They Spread together, They shared the holy drink, and their sticks were hitting the ground to ejaculated water. The Rarely-seen Kanoa statues depics it with round eyes, which separates it from other gods. As The long-standing tradition of the island of Kauai says, if someone looks at the eyes of Kanoa, then they will see what is at higher levels.

In The Hawaiian language, the word "Kanoa" means sea shells; Early stage in the development of a certain species of fish; Alternative name of the island of Kaho'olawe; Sure, strong, unwavered, fixed, not to be gained. The Basic meaning of the word ka-na-loa means a great calm or great silence. The Word is also associated with total confidentiality. In The esoteric tradition of Huna Kupua, Kanoa represents the Indigenous JAZN or the universe that we carry.


As a whole, this symbol represents the Siec Aka or the Network of Life, a symbolic connection of all things with each other. The Star in the center is a spider/shaman or a person who is conscious of the fact that he is a weaver of his life, a snow weaver.

The Eight lines depicts "mane" or spiritual strength, because the other meaning of the word "mana" is "The Unholy lines", and the number eight in the Hawaiian tradition is a symbol of great sily. Four okregi depicts "Aloha" or Love, because "lei" or wreath, the symbol of love has a shape of the arrondissement and is used symboally in Hawaiian language to name the federal subject (as in "Hanalei-round cove), because the word" Ha "is the part of the word" Aloha "and It means "life" and a number of four. Together, the Okregi and the lines depicting the harmony of Love and Sily as an ideal worthy of planting.

The Star consists of a dot in the middle of the depiction of Aumakua or Higher i; The Kolo represents the Separated or Medium-Self; Seven star Arms are the Seven Principles of the Huns; Okrag radius target stars depicts Ku, lower or podswiadome i.

One Point of the star is always at the bottom, a connected straight line with a network, presents an internal connection with the external.


The Eye of the Kanoa Symbol generates subtle energies in the Hawaiian language as "Ki". This energy can be used to heal, stimulate physical and mental abilities and many other aims. Most people feel these energies as tingling, prad, pressure or chlorine while holding the hand, the toes, the Cheka or the Chola close to that symbol. The Symbol in itself helps to harmonise the physical, emotional and mental energies of a room or other place. From This energy we draw through meditation, stare at the symbol or hold it close to what is to be harmonized. The Symbol may also develop or harmonise other sources of energy by placing it before or after the source.

Translation: Barbara Bielawna-www.akustyka.pl

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