Life Energy-MANA

Life Energy

Mana, or power (in Hawaiian), is four aspects connected to each other:
-Bioenergy: Stimulating by relaxation, deeper breathing, attention movements Piko-Piko)
-Emotions: stimulated by internal images and beliefs)
-Beliefs: Trust, belief about the possibility of doing something, naturally increases as skills develop and the completion of previous tasks
-authority: A sense of self-dignity, a sense of communication with something larger (greater authority "illuminates" less)

A Large amount of mana is a condition comparable to a fall in love
In the body it manifests itself as "warmth" "Bliss", other sensations are rather associated with the release of muscle tension (and mental)
In The realm of emotion is the state of emotional tension-you do not need to translate, while the best in the issue of creating a warm joyful feeling
The Strength of belief is the ability to think peacefully on a given topic.
Authority-is the ability to determine "what is and what is not there" in our world

What is Mana? According to seven rules:
1. IKE The World is what we think of IS. When We think we have the strength
To do something-I have:) Mana is the strength of our faith.
2. KALA There is no limit to the level of charge mana//its flow-always
Something that we may want to achieve.
3. MAKIA Energy follows the attention, and the attention for energy. We Gather Mana focusing on its symbols and what we consider to be
4. MANAWA Now is the moment of power and the more we are focused in the present moment and emotionally involved in what we experience the more mana we have.
5. ALOHA Joyful sharing of the energy of life. The happier we are and
We are more willing to share this feeling (i) and the more energy we send the more we have.
6. MANA Power comes from the interior, with conviction that we are in contact with its source, or from what we consider to be real and what is not. The more something we impersonate is the stronger it becomes.
7. PONO Effectiveness is a measure of truth and the greater the influence of our interior on the environment we see the more we have it. In All this is a sense of good, fairness in what you think, feels and does take a peek here

HU Active Mana Aspect-it's a force of influence on the environment.
Alternative translation of the word (my personal, you can not suggest): Mana is something between "patterns that we emit" "patterns that we perceive"
ON Passive-The ability to perceive an increasing amount of things.

Internal attitude after gathering a large amount of Mana by seven rules:
1. IKE-I Am aware of what is happening around me.
The World is what I think is. I can do it!
Everything Works perfectly! I Want to!
2. KALA I am relaxed. There is no limit to what I can achieve.
3. MAKIA I am focused. It Focuses on imagining success and symbols of happiness.
4. MANAWA I Am vigilant and present. I'm ready to work
5. Aloha. I'm lucky. I Love what I do and what I strive for.
6. Mana. I'm strong. I have the power to shape my world.
7. PONO I'm good. What I do is right.

Energy Collection by seven principles
1 IKE-The World is what I think is.
We Repeat "Gather strength, gather power" (or something similar)
We Confirm this with imaginations (and gestures if you can)
2. KALA-we Release tension, loosen the body, minimize
The impact of conflicts (whatever I did forgive myself, the past
Passed). We Connect mentally with its sources.
3. MAKIA-Energy follows the attention-we switch the attention and move it from the outside to the interior or inside the body (vide: Piko-Piko)
4. MANAWA Now is the moment of power. We Engage in what we do. We pay more attention to the senses (we maintain sensory awareness)
5. ALOHA Loving It means to be happy with… We strive to feel
Joy to smile and develop positive feelings and share it with the environment.
6. MANA Power comes from inside. So we try to convince (e.g. With suggestive images) that what
We do works. We turn internally to the authorities and imaginations of what we recognize as a source of strength.
7. PONO Effectiveness is a measure of truth. We Control our condition-we work in rounds-we check the wellbeing and sense of our own strength and repeat (or not;))

Another aspect of Mana is the patterns that we carry:
1. IKE The World is what we think of is:
We learn About these patterns by observing the interior or the outside world, internal paintings. Basically, all can be verbalized.
2. KALA has No boundaries. These patterns Create limitations through which we experience. Most of them can be found by examining the boundaries that we have designated: "What is right and what is not" "What should
And what should not be "" What we would be happy with and not "" What weakens us and what strengthens "" What exists and what does not exist "etc.

3. MAKIA Note follows energy. What Is most strongly energized at the moment is catching our attention (outside or inside). We See this slice of the world, which is compatible with our interior.
Energy for attention-what we concentrate is reflected and duplicated in a symbolic manner//according to our formulas (internal unions, associations).

4. MANAWATeraz is the moment of power. Strong patterns cause that we lose the presence (outflow) or things happening themselves (in the case of negative/internal conflicts: We have a feeling of ininfluence).

5. ALOHA Loving It means to be happy with… The more we have in line with our designs (the ones we are currently focusing in a positive way) the more we attract and seem attractive.

6. MANA Power comes from the interior-and we design it all the time, the more it seems to us more stable, the more effective-the more mana we give.

7. PONO Effectiveness is a measure of truth. Patterns from within are resonate with external and change each other.

How do internal patterns change in an increasingly positive side? (equivalent and parallel to mana accumulation)
1. React to your thoughts. The negative answer is positive.
2. Remove voltages when they arise, or when they stay too long in us.
3. All the time to practice concentrations on what you want and switch attention to the "full glass"
4. Practicing staying in the present, engaging in what is done.
5. Induce miles of feelings (in themselves), transform internal images and sensations into even more enjoyable, more beautiful.
6. To Speak (to your body, to the mind of the world) what is to be knitted, how to behave, what to feel, what to think.
7. Praise yourself for the finest signs of progress. Count Blessings.


Mana, the energy of the Huns is essential to a happy life when we have a lot of it.. Everything is successful, our prayers meet, and communication with the world runs smoothly. Let's take a Look at mana accumulation once more. First, what is this force? In Hawaiian terms, it consists of four aspects (behind S. K. King "Knowledge of Hawaii"):

1. Physical, Material mana, corresponding to what could be interpreted as bioenergy mana
2. Emotional mana that could be defined as the state of internal tension
3. Mental Mana, which could be described as a kind of great confidence and great faith in your forces
4. Spiritual man, meaning self-esteem, respect for oneself, and communication and awe before we concentrate our attention.

If we think about it, we can easily conclude that we know the example and the pattern of the state of having a large amount of mana. This Is a state of fall in love. Why?

When you are in love you breathe deeper and harder, The body awakens a lot of sensations that naturally attract your attention. It Is a state of increased flow (bio) of energy by your body.
State of internal tension – not even need to translate:-) This is exactly an emotional aspect of a large amount of mana.
You Forget about yourself, your shortcomings and defects, at least as long as your internal negative opinions are not stronger than your concentration. You focus fully on your current moment of contact with your beloved person (mental mana) and on your quest. You Pay attention to every movement, action, they fill your thoughts when it is not there, and in addition in a positive light you perceive and yourself and that person (spiritual aspect), which, coupled with a large concentration, can lead to even decadation in the feelings of Partner.
And It is already known why the Aloha Spirit, the Spirit of love is the essence of Huns. Falling in love and love are related things, even sometimes the same thing.

The Prayer of the Huns, the way it is carried out, seems obvious in this context: Fall in love with the goal you want to achieve. Intensify what happens to you until you reach what you want. What does it mean to develop a way of thinking, feeling, and being like a person in love until we actually become so.
In this regard, the majority of shamanic activities "adventurer" makes sense. They are mainly Used for Deeping love, of self-love in relation to each other, of the spirit, of the world, for their own purposes and for the different experiences people have.

Peter Jaczewski

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