Training Piko-Piko

Breath is a natural source of vital energy in our body, and since its state is often dependent on the state of our health (and life as well). In Order to increase the effectiveness of practices (prayers or shamanic wandering), practices that stimulate energy flow are usually used as admission.
The Simplest method of energizing is to make a few deeper breaths. Breathing in conjunction with attention and imagination is the basis for working with energy. Hawaiian very simple technique is piko-Piko literally means center-center. A Specific exercise combining breath and attention. The Simplest version of Piko-Piko (and at the same time the exercise of this name) is: Cycle
-Normal inhale with focus on the head
-Normal exhale with focus on the navel
-Normal exhale with concentration of the tail bone (or on the feet)
-Normal exhale with focus on the navel
I Wrote normal because it does not apply any influence on the pace of the breath, simply moves the attention to the rhythm of breath between the individual points. Piko also means the navel, the center of strength according to the Ponesians. The Navel is our place of power from which strength comes (MANA: All The power comes from inside).
You can use this technique to "breathe light" and strengthen your energy thanks to this:
-Normal inhale with focus on light
-Normal exhale with concentration of attention on the navel
It is good to perform after this series (3-5) Piko-Piko to balance this energy in the body,
Another method is to use Piko-Piko for very simple and efficient balancing and combining the energy of your and the world:
-Normal inhale with concentration above the head – you imagine that the energy of the sky, bright and luminous, which give strength to action, is influenced by you
-Normal exhaust with foot concentration-you allow this energy to flow up to the ground
-Normal inhale with concentration under the feet-you charge the energies of the Earth also bright, alive, but full of tranquility (you can imagine a light chill)
-Normal exhaust with a concentration above the head-you allow this energy to swim to the sky
You Do several such cycles focusing outside the body, after which a few normal, directing and accumulating energy in the navel.
An Extended version of Piko-Piko (optionally with the singing of the principles of the Huny) covering the majority of points in the body considered to be points of strength and serving to awakened energy, centralizing and balancing it in the body:
IKE Inhale concentration at the top of the head
Exhale concentration of the navel
KALA Inhale Left Frame
Exhale the navel
MAKIA Inhale-Right frame
MANAWA Inhale-center of the chest
ALOHA Inhale-Left hip
MANA Inhale-Right Hip
PONO Inhale pubic bone/genitals or alloys
Exhale the navel
and eighth: HU-inhale-navel
Instead of singing Hawaiian words, you can use of course Polish counterparts: consciousness, freedom, focus, perseverance (presence), Love (Happiness), power (strength), effectiveness (flexibility, goodness), unity (equilibrium, Harmony)
Instead of focusing on your shoulders and hips, you can use your hands and feet (left and right respectively).

Peter Jaczewski


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