Bless your path to success

You Could already meet the idea of blessing. I Want to extend this idea to help you broaden your ability to use it.
Some of you have witnessed or participated in a Muskum trial to present the power of blessing. It is Worthwhile to take care of this, because the blessing is not only a spiritual good, but also a physical good. If you bless someone or something that exists when you greet it when you praise it, thank you or send it goodness in any way, then your subconscious is responsible by relaxing your body and increasing the flow of your energy. Even when you target a blessing to someone or something else, you have a physical advantage. It's Easy to show this during the Muskuł test. Ask someone to stand with their hands stretched forward at the height of the shoulders. Tell him to hold his hands rigidly, when you say "resistance", it gently inflate the wrists to get an idea of the normal strength of the person. Do not press too hard, you are not trying to defeat its resistance, but you check what is the resistance. Then The person criticize someone quietly. When It's over, say "resistance" and let your wrists again. You will Discover that this time the shoulders have gone down more; Sometimes in a meaningful way. This is because this subconscious person has taken criticism to himself (remember: there are no restrictions). Try Again with a person, this time to greet her someone, congratulate someone. You will Notice the reinforcement of the strength of the arms, sometimes it is very clear, because the subconscious took the compliments as their own, gave relaxation and freed up more energy to resistance in the exercise.

Basically, criticising yourself or someone else induces tension in the body, and complementing yourself or others causes relaxation in the body. The Curse causes stress, the blessing reduces it. Using only blessings You can improve your health in a meaningful way, and sometimes it is all you need.

You Can put a question: what to do when someone criticizes you? In this case, the most effective and effective way is immediate, loud or silent, opposed to the compliation of the person. You can bless your path to success and health.

Very Many people have problems in their relationships with people, and there is an easily accessible and functioning method. It Doesn't matter what type this relationship is or how it communicates. It is a Fact that, if you criticize more than the complition, you strive to destroy the relationship; If you complement more than you criticize, you strengthen the relationship. Teasing someone destroys the relationship because it is a simple, clear assumption of criticism and does not make the person better or hapless. If there is a person or group of people with whom you are not in good relations, then this is due to your critical attitude in relation to them. In A good committee you are with someone, because you ignore its defects, or at least you do not perceive them as more important than the merits and compliyou it for its merits. In other words, you bless more than you curse. It Is a simple but true thought. If you want to love someone altogether, then notice and know only the good side of it. The Relationship can bring pain to the degree that you do not respond to. So also you can bless your way to love.

You can treat your career Success in the same way. If you truly love every aspect of it, if you just bless it, you will achieve the desired success. Some people experience something called "Burn-in" at work. Their ambition disappears, the desire to perform good tasks dies and their work can even cause illness. The Problem is as simple as the solution. For whatever reason, judging or not, such people began cursing their work and came to a place where they practically did not give her blessings. The Subconscious, being there, obviously objecting, but the consciousness was at his own, usually for economic reasons, as a result leading to the burn. Solution? Or find a job that you can bless or bless the work you have. Even If you haven't reached the point of burn-up, you can bless your work to increase productivity and improve your satisfaction. When you love your work and do it well, your salary also improves.

Let These few observations help you on your path as you bless your path to success.

Based On SERGEI KAHILI KING's Materials

Developed and translation: CZeslaw J. Mr. All


Bless your path to Success-Serge Kahili King

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