Life Energy-MANA

Mana, or power (in Hawaiian), is four aspects connected to each other: -Bioenergy: Stimulating by relaxation, deeper breathing, attention movements Piko-Piko) -Emotions: stimulated by internal images and beliefs) -Beliefs: Trust, belief about the possibility of doing something, naturally increases as skills develop and the completion of previous tasks -authority: A sense of self-dignity, a sense … Read moreLife Energy-MANA

Eye of Kanoa

E Aloha Mana Pono This Text is published under the polite permission of Aloha International Name In The mythology of the old Hawaiian Kanoa was the god of the ocean, a god who heal and close companion Kane, the God of creation. They Spread together, They shared the holy drink, and their sticks were hitting … Read moreEye of Kanoa